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Shadow VT Gear with dragon bracelet or tiger?


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Dragon's just fine if you're still consistently raiding because of how it scales with Soulburn (I still sustain among the top DPS in VT and dungeons with my clan using Dragon Bracelet and I'm not necessarily better geared than them), not really any point in making a switch to Tiger unless you're obsessed with consistency in your rotation or mainly stick to solo stuff since we're getting a new Bracelet with Sand Temple anyway. Even though you don't use Magnum anymore Fury's not your only source of Wrath uptime, I actually use Wrath/Galeforce with usually 1 Long Division at the end if someone else in my party is grabbing.


Dragon: 1200% AP bonus on Galeforce for 4 seconds after a successful Wrath

Earthly: 10 second buff on successful Execute that gives 200% AP bonus to Eradicate (should be on Repulse too) and 800% AP bonus to Galeforce

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