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  1. Shadow destroyer No doubt about that.
  2. We are not from same server. i am in jinsoyun server. i have nothing special to do in game anyway so i rather help beginners. but it's a problem if you are from a different server.
  3. Raids are heart cancer in this game i dont dare trying them or learning them anymore so i just enter as a buyer like you did. with all the time you waste on the raids its actually can be cheaper to just pay for the raid items. when raids will be COMBAT based mechs and not some sort of stupid "one mistake or start all over" mechs then it will be actually fun.
  4. yes with hard mode and higher gold reward such as 15g for naryu labyrinth for example.
  5. you dont have much to do with those. what is your IGN and what server you are on? i might be able to help more in game.
  6. that's what i mean. there are only few dungeons that worth going to. my suggestion is to make ALL dungeons worth run through by adjusting their difficulty and rewards in hard mode. and i dont talk about the hard mode they had that got removed. i talk about NEW hard mode with adjusted HP/attack for mobs/bosses that fits the current average gear.
  7. i am sure iam not the only one who miss the old content and want a good reason to play it. it's a shame the so many dungeons turned into a graveyard. if you look into it you see its a LOSE LOSE situation. the devs throwing away content that they work hard for by reducing the gold reward and we play less. so ok i get it the old content is too "easy" compared as it used to be but what about reviving it with hard mode? the game will be much more interesting and bigger if ALL dungeons will be relevant again with hard mode and relevant rewards. imagen playing
  8. around the 300$ you can get Intel Core i7-7700K which has turbo clock speed of 4.5ghz. its one of the best cpu for BNS,with good cooling you can get it to 5.0ghz. in general you need to look for single core performance for bns. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html
  9. wait/go for non raid path and then wait/go for carry runs.
  10. on KR patch notes i saw they changed some of the classes to "on use" instead of "on hit" for the badge. i was hoping it will be on this update but nope we got only the 29th november skill changes.
  11. its not over sharpened,trust me. the crappy jepg files just cant handle the quality. here is the preset: https://files.fm/down.php?cf&i=zmz9zp9k&n=BNSFinal+1.12.3.ini use it for your reshade and see yourself,its the best preset for this game. however,you might need an hour to get used to it and then if turn it off you will go like: "yaaakk....."
  12. lol you know nothing about end game hard mode if you say that. and thanks for the kind words...
  13. Update: at last i got it! i been going for two weeks on carry runs which i dont need to do anything but to be in the raid and get the item i need once it dropped. in the end,finding a clan,practice on raid,and waste hours of hours to clear it was just big bullshit. i would never do that again. from now on,ill go only on carry runs so my time wont be wasted for nothing. NCSOFT,make those items tradeble because some people dont want to waste their life,but still be accepted on end game.
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