New Legendary Element/Jewel Prices Suck.

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8 hours ago, SayhaSeer said:

1,400 SoulStones is nothing to farm. Easiest out of all, takes from 1h to 2h. Wait till you need 1,200 MoonStones to upgrade stuff, I have a feeling we will meet again in forums ^^


And by the way, Smart people "NEVER" bought jewels from Dragon Express for 20 Gold Each...

It's funny your asking for old 20Gold prices, When 95% Of people made Bracelet/belts and salvaged them for Jewels, By saving 450g. out of 600g for 30. And if you actually bought X Amount of Jewels from Dragon Express, Then i have no words, Because why would you pay 600g when you can pay 170g crafting and collecting... and now you pay 375Gold which you still save gold by salvaging. You must be in that 5% Range who did that. Congrats, You wasted gold big time ^^.


And now you also have Quest that gives you 30 Jewels. 


I wasn't referring to Jewels. I was mostly talking about Elements. I agree with you buying Jewels in the dragon express isn't a great idea as you can farm them other ways for way cheaper or even for free if you do Know Thine Enemy Part 2. But this is not the case with Elements. There is no way to actually farm elements outside of the dragon express if you exclude things like certain events, and rng boxes. Elements are the real struggle here not Jewels XD. 

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Time is not free, the same time you spent farming untradeable mats you could spent on tradeable, ofc the rate is not the same.

BTW, you got your point, you just missed saying that  farming SS in SSP is for Heavily Whales, there is ZERO chance of an average player farming that amount. If you got to the SSP you always see the same 4~5 players getting everything, if you are one of them good for you, but you cant speak for the other 80-90% of the population.


PS: if you notice, I'm in favor of adding the old option back together with the current ones, so if the current one is good for you it wont affect you, so I have no idea why you are really against it.

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1 hour ago, SayhaSeer said:



Since for whatever reason "Submit Reply" didn't worked for me no matter how many times I pressed, I took screen shots of what I wrote, because I am lazy to Rewrite again.













So your solution is to basically FORCE people to play an alt in whatever faction to make soulstone farming most efficient. What about players like me who basically only focus on one character, and don't want to play alts since we like to focus on just gearing up 1 character to it's max potential? Sure there's other options, but nothing else is as time efficient than SSP, which isn't an option.


You said to farm Ceruleans then? Not everyone can god mode and go 1v50 in a group and expect to get out alive once you start attacking others there. I remember because I tried doing it back then to have a little fun after the server merge, going in with a friend trying to fight and maybe get a few kills, before the sea of Ceruleans CC'ed and mauled us to death in a sec.


In the end, the way you talk you expect everyone to have a Korean grind mentality, which reminds me of an old friend in Black Desert who would lecture us on the "most efficient way to do everything." He started treating the game, GAME, like it was a job, an occupation. That kind of mentality over time will suck any remaining fun out of a game. We started avoiding him because he would constantly talk that way about the game when some of us were trying to do our thing, our own way. Some of us like me want to be able to do our fair share of grinding and still have FUN with the game.


As a player who's been on B&S on and off since the betas, I already feel like yeah they've dumbed down a lot of the upgrading process. I've done my fair share of grinding already including upgrading to legendary Baleful back in the day when it was still going from True Scorpio. I don't feel like new players got to really experience and feel the old grind. However, I've never been at the very top of the gear tiers since I grind a decent amount, but not to the extent of "Korean grinding" and limitations with my side of constantly sucking and fighting a loosing battle with RNG.


It's the progression of almost every MMO to get easier and easier and just start handing stuff out over time, just like with those jewels. I still say it's nothing in the grand scheme of things, but I won't complain about free items unlike many who will complain about events that give our free items, just cause it's not what they wanted.


I don't expect the game, or any game to be easy. In fact I prefer to work for my stuff. This game mechanically is not challenging to me, but I still have fun with it. If I want hardcore challenges, I'll go play some of my favorites like Nioh or Ninja Gaiden.


The issue I have is a status quo was already in place that was more time and money efficient for the average, I repeat AVERAGE player. The new replacement is horribly money and time inefficient compared to the status quo that was already in place when you look in retrospect compared to what was already in place. I wouldn't be complaining if this was the original option, because there's nothign to compare it with. I never wanted or asked for a cost reduction, all I want is the old 20g option to simply be returned for who who would prefer not being forced down the "non-fun" soulstone and salvaging grind path. Those of us who would rather spend our time having fun in our own ways.



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Yeah, I'm all out of element powders, those things are hard too get.  I salvage one weapon and get maybe four/five powders but I need 10 element powders to get one transmutation done for one element.  It also takes five elements and 10 gold to purchase one legendary element.  And I need 25 legendary elements to upgarde riftwalk to stage 6.  I wonder what governor Jerry Brown would say in a situation similar to the California drought crisis.  His wise words would be invaluable feedback for the BnS team.

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Ohh nice soulstone farm, can u screenshot your gear? Cuz if you can farm this under 1 hour i delete now the game. I have raven 9 with aw soul and maxed bt accessories but whales camping ssp all time (aransu gunner, etc) so i can get usually 200 soulstone per hour max... So if you have some trick or practice dont be shy just show me pls

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