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  1. So basically you removed everything we had farmed and say fk u? Perfect! That's the right direction for the game
  2. First it is not a long term upgrade, it's a cash grab. If it was a long term it could require daily tokens or anything like, Second, there is not long term goal in this game either you gear fast enough or you will be always one or more raids behind. Last but not least, there is no point of hearing feedback if you are not going to follow it. It's not a "some" of players but the entire community. I'm pretty sure if you look at player statistics you will see that the majority of the players dont have gems, pet and soul maxed even the ones playing for long time, yet you put something more expensive than those an call it long term, what a joke.
  3. Surely there is, behind the RNG wall, which in the end of the day I have seen none. In the other hand look the cash event tab. Sum it to the F8 that have less players every day it passes, the bad performance of the game which never gets better, the disadvantage of high ping players(like me), and so on, it's a good time to leave this boat. Not that anyone should care for a strange leaving, I just want to express how disappointed am I with the past year of this game.
  4. Is the heart reduction token a joke or what? I have no idea how you need 8-10 tokens which is more than an oil to reduce one oil in the upgrade and remove materials that most of the players (which have true heart) have stock piles. I guess I have enough of bad jokes from this game.
  5. If you can't give an AMAZING event for game anniversary, which should be something big, should I just lose all my hope for the game future?
  6. Excuses? Don't grind? We are not talking about catch up, we are talking about maintaining the population of the game, have you been to F8 recently? If, yes you are seeing the decrease in parties and players? Why that? Did you ever asked yourself? Noone here is asking for free items, if you didn't understood it, please read again everything. We are asking WAYS to farm it decently. We have big updates every other month, a player starting right now will need at least 3 or 4 months to clear VT, unless he cash or get carried, which is not the case of new players. It's not sustainable. How many people are doing TT raid and are not whales? not much. If you ask why it's because the majority of players cant keep up with the content release pace given the lack of ways to farm. BG is just a massacre fest for the p2p over the f2p and you ask me why people don't like it? (not even talking about the cursing they suffer for not being full pvp...) Look at the gems, pet, and soul there is no way a free player can have those. Just tell me what one can farm doing F8 dungeons all day long? Nothing that would level the said items. This is not grinding, this is forcing the players to cash or get stuck, I lost the count of how many left because they can't have this game as a second job and even so wont progress. This is killing the game, do you really think that widening the gap between f2p and p2p is good? I myself dont have any desire of competing with p2p, it is impossible, I just want to progress and play the fking game with my friends. The last raid is out in KR and I dont know a single PT of f2p that have killed boss 4 of TT, very few are doing boss 3 with mixed p2p. Even some whales are leaving the game because of all that. That's not healthy for the game, if that's break your ego being 10 stairs ahead of f2p instead of 100, think twice in the consequences for the game.
  7. 1) So you want players to no play? 2) Yes, troving and making new warrior char fully geared in a single week, doesn't count right? But the f2p getting it in 3 months of 12h/day instead of a whole year is gearing in a day, makes sense rly 3) Unless you dont care about items, because there is no way the average player can get 100ms in 2-3 hours/day other than pvp, be it for upgrading your items or selling, 4) Issues for who? the ones who play the market and profit over it? Now the real question did you ever been a f2p? or you just speculate about it? because really I know a few geared f2p which dedicated absurd amounts of time and still missing max tier gems, max tier soul and pet, and they clearly know that it would still takes a lot more than a day to gear even if such things were a bit easier. Maybe you just want to keep larger the gap between p2p and f2p players? PhoenixMitera may warn me again, but it's disgusting every time I read your posts...
  8. This event already suck enough, and there still people who want drops lowered. I never have seen people as sadistic in other games like I see in BnS...
  9. Fix the ... stupid nerfs...

    They keep selling high gear on trove and nerfing everything. We are getting to a point where F8 is mostly braindead, people cant do simple mech because they are turning this game a "tank & spank" without the tank part, just hold rmb with simple mode. Is that on purpose? Are they looking for braindead players which, with the current state, cant do BT right cuz they have no idea what mech means, so they dont do raid, they just buy everything from trove?? Even sadder they are trying to nerf so hard they even buggy the DGS like sanctum and DD...
  10. Same thing, my warrrior went back to lv1, cant belive that sht....
  11. Tanking needs to be addressed

    1) Tanking is rewarding, if one dont like there are various other classes to choose. 2) As long as the tank know how to play you have enough aggro to hold bosses from people with better gear 3) Everyone wants a good tanker, nobody wants to wait the tank to learn how to tank. If you bash the tanks who are learning then yes you deserve suffering, because most of ranged play like braindead and expect the tank to know everything at first try, so they can play as headless chicken. 4)To tell you the truth, for all dungeons you dont need a tanker, I have seen various classes "tanking", whats their difference? They have a fully functional brain.
  12. i am fed up with mechs

    The only thing that's interesting is the mech, everything else is just gear dependend. If you prefer brain dead games you can just quit BNS, here people enjoy overcoming the dificulties of mechs and fell rewarded by overcoming it. ----- To be good in anything in life one must have a lot of dedication and effort, you may chose to not dedicate yourself to a game but that's your choice not the game's fault.
  13. How about you posting a video of it? Saying you have no sttuters means nothing, showing a video where you have no sttuters is the real proof.
  14. i7 7700, gtx 1060, 16gb RAM, NVME SSD. I'm sure I should have bought an SLI of titans XP and i9 7980XE, to play that dg without fking sttutering everytime the boss throw the bubbles. I would love to see your config and you playing the dg without stutters.
  15. Just expressing my feelings of doing that sht dg every day with such lag. Thanks