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  1. Would be nice as mentioned, though I'm still just even waiting for them to make pet packs account bound. Especially with the new exp charm recipe driving up prices over 50% on pet pods now...
  2. VT Asuras stack question

    Yeah doesn't matter. The only thing is of course with 2 stacks, the person will get the stronger DOT on them they have to keep healing through, so preferable to stay at 1 stack just for survivability.
  3. Yeah I think I'm going to go ahead and work on it. Personally, seems to me too good to pass up as melee and for even more broken aerials. I do get the argument one of my friends gave though on him sticking with BT since some ranged classes don't rely on CCs as much as melee classes do in order to output damage still. So he says in that sense, he rather would stick with BT for more sustained dmg across the board.
  4. I've looked around and haven't really seen many discussions on these. I was contemplating finally working on the Hellion Earring sitting in my stash for a while now, but it seems kind of like the response to the Skypearl Earring at launch was underwhelming. Looking at the stats, it doesn't look like it would be that bad, least strictly for PVP and maybe TOI of course. Is it even worth switching from an Awakened Stage 3 BT earring to just like a stage 6 Skypearl Earring? I feel like it would be since the elemental dmg seems to be less important when not using PVE weapons for the bonus. The debuff dmg and the proc off the effect also really seems appealing for classes with strong aerials. I've also got Skyshatter at stage 7, so I could finally get that 2 piece set bonus for PVP too.
  5. Why nerf Gunners?

    You must not play very much 6v6 at higher silver at least to see times when 1 gunner can literally shift a while fight. When you can engage in a team fight and all it takes is one gunner off to the side that people are letting walk around while they're engaged with the other teammates ends up popping deadlock + tab F and take down half the team in 5 seconds, and then spam hooks away once the other people start chasing them. And yes while other classes have def/parry pierce skills, usually they're not some major burst skill that takes no effort to use from long range like with gunners. As is I've seen matches where a single gunner is the only reason an enemy team wins a game. I've seen matches where they have up to 75% of the teams kills alone and up to 6 million dmg simply because just their immunity period is enough for them to kill 2-3 people on the team, speed off with hooks, and wait for CDs to refresh. Rinse and repeat. I'm not the most geared in 6v6s, but I've got enough to be effective and have been 1 shot plenty of times by gunners more than anyone else. Least I can sometimes survive KFM tremor w/ VT badge now unless they're using true transcendant soul or are just super geared with Dragon Forge. Ascendant 6, nova core 5 set SSs, 5.4k def, 180k HP, and 2.9k crit def at least for reference.
  6. Why nerf Gunners?

    That's not just gunner, that's any class including BM and KFM when you have to tank. Tanks have to block/dodge the most attacks, and that time having to block/dodge = time not spent DPSing. The point really is that with enough player skill, knowledge, and gear, any class can tank including gunner. I have a clanmate who's a shadow gunner who has tanked Raven King several times. Also that video is a terrible example to even try to compare DPSs with. The mechanic for Hive Queen is that the 3 people in the center blue circle are the highest ranged DPS people in the group, because those 3 get a MASSIVE attack buff. They also have to manage bug bomb mechanic to not kill each other/rest of the pt.
  7. Why nerf Gunners?

    Class/character balance is always going to be an endless topic in most games, whether it be MMOs like this, gun balance in FPSs, active/recovery frames and hitboxes/hurtboxes of attacks of characters in fighting games, etc. It will always be difficult to avoid some subjective bias depending on how different people perceive what makes a game "balanced." Guess more than 2 cents now, but I'll throw this out there back more in favor of the "balanced" side of things. People arguing for that gunner is a "DPS" class needs to remember one thing. With how the style and structure of this game is with it being more of an Action MMO rather than conventional MMO, this game does not have to follow the "holy trinity" structure that most conventional click/tab targeting MMOs have with set roles of tank, healer, and DPS. Every character in here with the nature of being an action MMO has tools to block/evade damage and not facetank as required in those classic "holy trinity" roles MMOs. Summoners and SFs are not dedicated healers in this game, simply because they can't be with only having 1 regular heal (2 for SF with their ultimate) which is generally on a long CD compared to most traditional MMO healers. The heal and res abilities on summoner and SF are simply just extra utility their class possesses, just like any other class possesses extra utility with team buffs or party protection. In the end, summoner and SF are also DPS classes as well and are never needed either class to finish any run as long as the party is competent enough in their gameplay to not just eat tons of damage. Old MMOs healers were a necessity to spam heals on the tank and party just because in those non action MMOs, there were no/little tools to avoid the constant attacks, so you needed healers to heal all of the damage the party would eat. The same can be said of BM and KFM. Unlike some of those older holy trinity games where picking a class locks you into being a tank role by design, BMs and KFMs can also be DPS as well just by despec'ing their threat skills. Yes, usually they're expected to tank, but are in no ways obligated to always tank. When running as DPS, their DPS isn't generally lower than all other classes despite being a "tank" class. Usually in those older traditional MMOs, tanks have lower DPS all around because they're "not a DPS class". Certain people like I know picked BM originally because they like sword type characters, not knowing they would be a tank in game. Since this game doesn't follow these traditional MMO conventions, that is why every class should generally be on par in terms of DPS.
  8. Why nerf Gunners?

    I stopped reading anything else you said after you said summoners have highest mobility. I've yet to see any summoners do far mark in HH, which a "high mobility" class is required for. From what I asked summoner friends, they said summoners don't have enough mobility to far mark. Going to leave my 2 cents. They're aiming now in KR to look at balancing classes. As is, gunner (at least fire gunner) = low risk & low effort class to play for high reward with dps. They have plenty of mobility and i-frame tools as well. Gunner needs effort as well in gearing to get the same DPS as higher geared other classes. Even in 6v6, gunners don't even need to invest in PVP SSs or weapons to perform extremely well. A lot of high performing gunners simply go in with a VT8 PVE SS set and Raven/Aransu and can nuke teams, whereas most other classes need to invest in a whole new set of PVP SSs and Ascendant/Dragon Forge.
  9. So just alienate the other half of the player base like me who are in the middle of working on pvp accs and gear like me right now is your mentality then? Good way to kill off half your player base then. When these accs, and even the King Gloves and PVE versions of the ring/earring added need 900 soulstone and sacred crystals for breakthroughs to max alone, using these mats with any of the other 2 options gets to very high amounts of mats required. The 2500 soulstone crystals and 2000 sacred crystals I had gotten up to while farming nothing but 1200 moonstone crystals to max out my stage 10 VT necklace disappeared VERY quickly just on maxing out my Subjugator Bracelet and working on my Skyshatter Ring. And I'm still not even done with accessories and still stuck now on waiting for more elements to finish off my Ascendant 6-9 then Dragon Forge 3. Also for all of the people complaining of no "value" with crystals, that's why in my topic post I once again reiterated as I have in past topics "For those of us who wants an apples to apples equivalent of just buying elements/jewels like the old method of just buying for 20g," People keep trying to compare apples vs bananas or kiwis. For some people like myself, it's easier to farm gold in our own ways than waste time farming these materials at a slower rate of gaining elements/jewels. And farming gold is the most universal thing you can farm in most games, period. Forcing us to farm for these materials specifically limits the number of options players have at their disposal to make progression. I don't have any limitations, but what about those others who don't have the gear to do the "most efficient" methods of farming these very specific materials? Namely SSP is the best way for soulstones and soulstone crystals. On NA Yura, unless things have massively changed since I last went, it's basically a sea of Cerulean out there. So if it's not even really an option for a geared Crimson player like myself who's been playing since beta, then good luck out there as a less geared newer player trying to do the best method of farming.
  10. As per the Fire and Blood System Changes update posted today on 3/13/18, "Reduced the cost of Legendary Element and Legendary Jewel from 30 Soulstone Crystal, 15 Sacred Crystal, and 10 Gold to 15 Soulstone Crystal, 7 Sacred Crystal, and 10 Gold." For those of us who wants an apples to apples equivalent of just buying elements/jewels like the old method of just buying for 20g, once again, as per the other option of exchanging 10g + 5 element/jewel, this comes out to be more expensive again than 20g. As per current NA Yura server pricing at the exact time of this writing, sacred orbs = about 1.5g ea, and soulstones = 70s ea (sacred orbs a bit low from when I last sold some one night at 1.8g ea). 10g + (1.5 x 7 sacred orbs) + (0.7 x 15 soulstones) = 31g per element/jewel, still over 50% price increase over the old 20g option. The last time I did the math with the 5 element + 10g option the week that came out, that came out to 33.33g/element. I guess least this solves one issue of the time spent staring endlessly at a salvaging progress bar, but still doesn't fix the price gouging issue. Everyone else is going to argue again on farming all the crystals, but when you have to use 900 sacred and soulstone crystals just on breakthroughs for each accessory upgrade, it becomes a major hassle. I guess they're basing "cost reductions" now off of current options rather than the status quo they had previously with 20g instead. I'm baffled that they can't just return the 20g options instead. The only way I've been acquiring elements/jewels have been through F10 specials since anything else is such a rip off. I'm completely bottlenecked in my progression by these things. I'm not even asking for a cost reduction as I feel many who want the change reverted. We just want the old 20g options back.
  11. No it doesn't because it's false advertisement at that point when you take that route of buying everything. You get price gouged a lot more than before for something that's a supposed cost reduction. I already posted in another topic about it below, but I already did all the calcs the week this update came out. Making an apples to apples comparison of buying everything, at the time of that writing, 60 elements I was looking at would have cost me 2000g worth of materials, weapons, powders, transmute, and exchange fees. 800g more compared to just buying 20x at the old 20g price. 33.33g each element, over 50% price increase.
  12. The main issue with them removing the old 20g options is that gold is the MOST UNIVERSAL item you can farm for or acquire. These new options are completely bottlenecked by soulstones and powders in order to make progression. When it comes to making gold you have a variety of options on how to do it such as: -Dailies and DC -Farming 6v6 for moonstones and soulstones to sell -Farming Arena for soulstones to sell -Running DGs like EC HM for elysians to sell, or other mats -Spamming runs like SSM, HH, or DD for the minimum 100g chest drop or the money people bid on it -Running DGs and waiting for a legendary item to drop that people will throw money at. Seen clannies posting SSs of people bidding stupid amounts on the legendary gloves or new belt. Benefit off when whales go HAM on bidding for those. -Running raids and getting raid splits at the end of the raids. -F9 for those that are willing to shell out money. -SSP or other faction dailies for soulstones to sell with how current prices are so inflated now. -Etc, etc, etc, it's gold. I'm sure people have many other ways of farming it. As opposed to now. We're forced to play in a way that needs to optimize soulstone farming as much as possible as the main bottleneck since at least element powders you can salvage off of NPC weapons. Jewel powders can be an issue too. Basically SSP is the best option available to make this grind as fast as possible. However, depending on your server, unless things have majorly changed since I was last out there, on the NA Yura server, SSP is completely Cerulean DOMINATED. This alienates half of the player base that decided to go Crimson from being able to make farming out there a feasibility when there's literally hundreds of Ceruleans camped around the middle field. Basically all of the more efficient methods of getting soulstones involves SSP, Arena, or 6v6, all PVP options. I personally have no issue and do partake in PVP, but what other players who don't like PVP? Then they're forced to basically either farming Celestial Basin for pouches or running dungeons and having to fight bidding for chests for an RNG chance at soulstone crystals from chests/pouches there. People keep treating like farming these materials isn't an issue cause they have no gold value. Time is money, and the time you spend farming these "materials with no value" you could be making more money in other ways with the plethora of options to farm the most universal item in this game, gold.
  13. New Legendary Element/Jewel Prices Suck.

    So your solution is to basically FORCE people to play an alt in whatever faction to make soulstone farming most efficient. What about players like me who basically only focus on one character, and don't want to play alts since we like to focus on just gearing up 1 character to it's max potential? Sure there's other options, but nothing else is as time efficient than SSP, which isn't an option. You said to farm Ceruleans then? Not everyone can god mode and go 1v50 in a group and expect to get out alive once you start attacking others there. I remember because I tried doing it back then to have a little fun after the server merge, going in with a friend trying to fight and maybe get a few kills, before the sea of Ceruleans CC'ed and mauled us to death in a sec. In the end, the way you talk you expect everyone to have a Korean grind mentality, which reminds me of an old friend in Black Desert who would lecture us on the "most efficient way to do everything." He started treating the game, GAME, like it was a job, an occupation. That kind of mentality over time will suck any remaining fun out of a game. We started avoiding him because he would constantly talk that way about the game when some of us were trying to do our thing, our own way. Some of us like me want to be able to do our fair share of grinding and still have FUN with the game. As a player who's been on B&S on and off since the betas, I already feel like yeah they've dumbed down a lot of the upgrading process. I've done my fair share of grinding already including upgrading to legendary Baleful back in the day when it was still going from True Scorpio. I don't feel like new players got to really experience and feel the old grind. However, I've never been at the very top of the gear tiers since I grind a decent amount, but not to the extent of "Korean grinding" and limitations with my side of constantly sucking and fighting a loosing battle with RNG. It's the progression of almost every MMO to get easier and easier and just start handing stuff out over time, just like with those jewels. I still say it's nothing in the grand scheme of things, but I won't complain about free items unlike many who will complain about events that give our free items, just cause it's not what they wanted. I don't expect the game, or any game to be easy. In fact I prefer to work for my stuff. This game mechanically is not challenging to me, but I still have fun with it. If I want hardcore challenges, I'll go play some of my favorites like Nioh or Ninja Gaiden. The issue I have is a status quo was already in place that was more time and money efficient for the average, I repeat AVERAGE player. The new replacement is horribly money and time inefficient compared to the status quo that was already in place when you look in retrospect compared to what was already in place. I wouldn't be complaining if this was the original option, because there's nothign to compare it with. I never wanted or asked for a cost reduction, all I want is the old 20g option to simply be returned for who who would prefer not being forced down the "non-fun" soulstone and salvaging grind path. Those of us who would rather spend our time having fun in our own ways.
  14. New Legendary Element/Jewel Prices Suck.

    So care to share what kind of hacks you use to farm as mentioned a rate of at least 11 soulstones/min? /sarcasm I already went through the 1200 moonstone, 12 PTS, 72 HQ wing, and more hell of farming for a disappointment with my stage 10 nightfrost necklace. That took weeks to farm. In that time getting those moonstones, I only got up to about 2500 soulstone crystals. Too bad I nuked most of them alone working on my stage 10 subjugator bracelet which took about 2000 of them alone with the rest of the jewels and mats I had on hand. So here I sit needing another 1500 more for 60 elements for Ascendant 3-6, and then another 1500 more after that for 60 more elements for Raven 7-9. After that, I can finally think about upgrading my legendary King's Gloves I just got from the 100 runs of HH and 250 hellion cores, but oh wait that's another 100 jewels then on average, 2500 more soulstone crystals. See where this is going with farming soulstones? Also you speak as though everyone has easy access to feasibly farm SSP. I'll admit I haven't been there in ages, since prob the weeks after the server merge, but on Yura it was Cerulean DOMINATED. The center field was always nothing but a horde of Cerulean bots and people, not really feasible for us Crimsons. Next you're gonna tell us to leave our clans and swap factions just to farm soulstones there. Also 30 jewels is nothing. That's not even enough to get you from stage 1-6 on a SINGLE accessory, let alone the average 50-60 you usually need for stages 6-9 alone.