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FM DPS and survability ?


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Hello everyone im new to the game and currently leveling a FM and a BM both are 38.

My FM is Fire and i have more difficulty to kill monsters than with my BM. I have a lower dps and burst than with him. Also i feel i have less HP drain from my damage and i often have to eat to restaure my hp.
And i have tryed arena 1v1 its horrible i getting full cc'ed all the time when with my BM i can parry / block lot of shit.

Is it getting better for the DPS and survability later in level ? 

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Well you are only lvl 38, you don't even have all the skills ;) altough i cannot check right now wich ones are missing...

As for the story, i found ranged easier to play... but if you got the feeling you are really missing aoe, you can consider to reskill 2 to the aoe option (although it is not done so much or at all later, it might be better for you personally for level stuff. The story is a big tutorial, just play around a bit ;)).. then you got an aoe knochdown on fire z, aoe on ice z, aoe pull on 4 and aoe on v, so you can lock them down and aoe them without 2 on aoe option ;)

But I also found it complicated at first with the changing stances. It took me a while to get used to. Also while you get some burst later on, I think ice is better for burst (at least if i remember correctly?) and fire does more consistant damage. Either way fm is rather high up in the damage ranking, so it probably outdpses a bm (general speaking, with gear and stuff. 

For a fm you have to watch wich buffs are running and keep them running, which might get annoying with trash mobs you encounter in the story. But note that fighting small mobs in the story is way shorter than bosses in dungeons.

Also, in dungeons you preferrably are not getting hit in the first place as ranged (if you have a tank, a bm for example ;) ). Plus with the 2 small iframe forward (q/e), one back (ss), a freeze for yourself (ice tab) plus a group freeze (ice v) and a projectile protection (ice c) your survivability is really high ;) a bm has its block additionally, as he is meant to take the hits from the boss, although with my fm twink i have no ploblem to tank dungeons if needed (but note, it is a twink so at some point she stops getting aggro so it is just the easy dungeons ^^ and of course a real tank is always better)


As for pvp, I think fm was at the last worlds in 3v3, so it is good in pvp. That beeing said, it is not easy. Also if you want to learn that, go with ice tree, not fire. 


But it really depends on what you enjoy more. If you are more a person of rushing in stuff and be face to face with it, you might not get happy with a ranged class. If you feel like bm is more your thing (but be prepared to tank), go ahead. You can always come back and try fm, it even might get easier if you know the game better (not saying fm is harder than bm, just by general game knowledge like using cc and iframes at the right time and having a rotation)

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This shouldn't be the case at all. You have everything in reverse, actually. Lol


Specially at low levels FM should be at the top of the dps and its the easiest class to level up, even more so than summoner and gunner, by far. Are you sure you have your blazing beam? Or are you playing with dragonchar? That could explain the low damage. Spec into chill rmb as well and you can perma freeze everything until level 50+ you don't need survivability skills if the boss can't even turn around to hit you. 

And if you're up against multiple mobs, just use ice build. 1-2 hit everything in your way at once.


Speaking of survivability skills, a good FM can hold an entire team in their place in 6v6, you're almost unkillable. Fm has an assload of defense skills such as your impact, (one of the strongest defense skills in the game, and unlike BM's block it can't be broken), fire storm, frost armor, frost Sheath, divine veil, frost orbit (the most annoying thing ever next to bd spin) Chill stacks (disables approach skills), a random buff that grants you up to 60%(?) more defense that no one talks about, and you can even stall with frost burst. Your entire frost stance revolves around protecting yourself and your party and annoying the hell out of your opponent in pvp.


You're definitely doing something wrong if you think bm has more survivability and damage while leveling up.

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