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  1. Hi everyone. returning to the game after long time. Witch class would you suggest ? im looking for a dps class with lot of burst and easy to play. Going to do some pve and 1v1.
  2. Salut à tous, quelqu'un pourrait me conseiller une classe bien bourrin ? limite no brain rollface. Jveut juste du gros dps et du gros burst pour pve et 1v1 principalement :) Je sait pas trop ce que ça donne hl avec les technique secrète de hm.
  3. Hello everyone im new to the game and currently leveling a FM and a BM both are 38. My FM is Fire and i have more difficulty to kill monsters than with my BM. I have a lower dps and burst than with him. Also i feel i have less HP drain from my damage and i often have to eat to restaure my hp. And i have tryed arena 1v1 its horrible i getting full cc'ed all the time when with my BM i can parry / block lot of shit. Is it getting better for the DPS and survability later in level ?
  4. Hello everyone, im new to the game and currently leveling a BM and a FM both are lvl 38. With my FM i have to be carefull and my dps / burst are not really good. While with my BM i can rush in the middle of tons of mob and just tab + spamm rightclick dragon fire tongue something like that its magic ! I have way more survability and damage / burst with my BM than with the FM is it normal ? Can you play BM in dungean and raid later has a DPS or do you have to be Tank ? And if yes witch spec to use ? lightning or fire?
  5. Hi everyone. My wife and i are returning to the game after a very long time and we want to restart from scratch. Witch class combo would you suggest for duo ? we are going for a little pvp and lot of old dungeon / content. I think we want to go tank + heal (BM + Summ) is it a good idea and combo ? what do you think ?
  6. Bonjour à tous, je voudrais reprendre BnS de zéro sachant que ça fait bien 1 an que j'ai pas jouer et j'avais delet tout mes persos. Comme j'arrive pas à me décider qu'elle classes jouer, j'aurait aimer savoir pour m'orienter qu'elles sont les plus rechercher et ou les moins jouer ? Merci d'avance
  7. Hello, im new to the game and to blade dancer. Just got the skill storming sword. I can use it only when destroyer grab a target ? Cant i use it when another blade dancer grab it with phantom grip ?
  8. i forgot to say, i cannot play a lyn ! its against my religion ! so BD and Summoner is dead for me
  9. Hi there, could any one help me to find witch class would be nice for me ? Im in struggle cant find witch one to play. Im not looking for the FOTM, neither for the most OP class. Im looking for something that work well in any circumstances. I love to play solo, and i would like a class that can solo lot of shit, including bosses. And when im in group, i dont necesseray need to be the top dps, but i like to bring something usefull like Soulburn buff or chi burst or something like that. And finaly i do some pvp, mainly 1v1 arena. Anyone could help ? I tryed t
  10. Hi everyone, my wife and i want to start playing and we would like to know witch class work well together ? We are interested in pvp and pve and farming of course :)
  11. Bonjour, ma femme et moi souhaiterions reprendre le jeu ailleurs sans doute sur un autre serveurs. Nous apprécions toutes les classes, et j'aimerais votre avis. Qu'elles duo de classes vont bien ensemble pour pve et pvp et farming ? Par exemple KFM et Sum ? avez vous des idées ou des conseils ?
  12. Hi all, im new to the game leveled a 45 Forcemaster and trying to go 1v1 on arena. I have noticed that there is so many cc, im stuned / rooted etc 95% of the time and thers is no DR ?? WTF ? any advice ?
  13. So this spell make this classes excellent for PvE and group raid stuff but weak in pvp and solo . Am i right?
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