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Want to give this game a shot, but had 1 question

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I have watched a few videos on BnS, and I have decided to just give it a play through myself. Now this isn't a which is the best class, but kind of is.


1. The one thing I have seen complained about over and over in every youtube video, is the ping/latency issue of the game and how perfectly your key execution must be. So in context of latency, which classes are the most forgiving?


2. And second, are hackers/botters a an issue in this game? And I ask this mostly in context of PvP; I could care less if someoen bots in PvP. However, I know if I am going up against someone botting I will most likely lose.


3. Any P2W aspects?




P.S. LOL, tricked ya B!TCH! More than 1 question. HAHA! Forum pvp.

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1. All classes will struggle if you have bad connection. The easiest class for a newcomer is gunslinger.

2. Nothing i could notice.

3. Yeah. A lot. Just like in any MMO you can buy gold and resources with your wallet. If not from the game directly - then from another players. And here you could do both. The only place that is not affected by this - pvp arena.

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