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  1. After Blizzcon - Thinking about coming back

    Welp, not going to lie. A little disappointed reading these responses. Seems like the game is where it was years ago when I played, in terms of the mood of the community. I had a hard time finding parties for dungeons and such. There werent really any mid lvl players. It was either lvl 10 or lvl 50.
  2. Blizzcon was tough this year boys. I am thinking about coming back to BnS and had 3 questions. I honestly cant remember why I quit. I always loved the combat, but I think it was the lack of an open world, which yeah I know isnt going to change, things were so streamlined and also there was nothing to do at max level when I was playing, and groups were TOUGH to fine. Any ways, my 3 questions: 1. In your opinion, what is the state of the game (Bad, Meh or Good)? 2. Warden is the new class (btw poor destroyers, who is going to play them now?), and usually new classes are OP as FFFF. Your top 3 for PvE and PvP (assuming average skill)? 3. How P2W is the game's state now? Thanks guys, appreciate your input.
  3. I have watched a few videos on BnS, and I have decided to just give it a play through myself. Now this isn't a which is the best class, but kind of is. 1. The one thing I have seen complained about over and over in every youtube video, is the ping/latency issue of the game and how perfectly your key execution must be. So in context of latency, which classes are the most forgiving? 2. And second, are hackers/botters a an issue in this game? And I ask this mostly in context of PvP; I could care less if someoen bots in PvP. However, I know if I am going up against someone botting I will most likely lose. 3. Any P2W aspects? Thanks. P.S. LOL, tricked ya B!TCH! More than 1 question. HAHA! Forum pvp.
  4. Kind of shocked at this bug

    What is "perf"?
  5. Kind of shocked at this bug

    So as I understand it the game has been out for more than 2-years now. I just started playing, and I tried to create a Yun and I noticed the OOC stance of any body model or class puts the right arm inside the leg of the character. I don't know what its like for the male body model, I just tried to create a female Yun, but is this game supposed to be a AAA title? If so I dont know how something like this can get past the Devs. The arm is floats in and out of the right leg. It's so freaking weird.
  6. New player, same old question

    Awww that sucks. I wanted to have a different looking toon, but I cant see the enemy because I am so big lol. Going to delete and remake my KFM. so sad :*(
  7. New player, same old question

    22 now :D But had another question. For my second slot I created a KFM, and I made the character size as large as possible. However, I noticed that I couldn't see the enemy attack so I couldnt counter, since my character hulks over the enemy. So my question is, is the only way to tell when to counter visually? If so any large size character would be a terrible choice.
  8. New player, same old question

    haha skummoners. :( Thanks all for the help choosing a class. I am a lvl 11 Summoner now :)
  9. New player, same old question

    Would like to play KFM but I dont think I am good enough to parry attacks. Always had a hard time parrying in Dark Souls. Was so iffy.
  10. New player, same old question

    I might go for SMN then. They get those super adorable kittens.
  11. New player, same old question

    What do you think about FM or WL? Usually range classes have good advantages.
  12. New player, same old question

    Hey guys, I am DLing BnS as we speak, and I wanted to know which classes are the best this season. Please don't respond if your response is something along the lines of "...whichever you find fun". I watched a few videos, but unfortunately most are pretty old and patches have come out. Don't hate, just tell me which class is OP/easiest in PvP. Also, one more question: Does this game allow animation canceling? I was thinking about KFM, but if the whole point of the class is to parry but you can cancel animations, I think that might make it tough. Okie, thanks.