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Soul Shields


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Is it me, or is MSP with Double Storm Cleave better than Raven SS?
Seems like Raven Soul Shield for BD's don't really have a kick or power boost to it.

I do more DPS with the lower cd of Storm Cleave + Lightning Flashes vs the long rest time, and just long rotations of just Lightning Flashes with Raven SS.

Am I missing something here with the Havoc SS?

Might as well just start working on VT Soul Shields then.

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Though BD's MSP soul shield 8 set was quite powerful, if you do a proper lightning flash rotation, the damage with your Raven SS should completely overwhelm the MSP ss that you had on.

1. Make sure you are not comparing dps of 3 sec burst fight to a lightning flash but overall.

2. Make sure you are doing proper animation canceling with lightning flashes. Most new players tend to cancel their own lightning flashes which is doing them more harm than good. Sometimes I see players doing a 1 flash to 1 flicker ratio which is horribly bad.

3. Do check if the raven soul shields aren't with horrifying stats that may sway your decision, though this shouldn't happen.

4. Since you probably use magnum, might i suggest you use other badge when fighting with lightning flash, something like alluvion/ primal force would benefit better for you.


If you do all the above well, there should be no reason that msp soul shields rotation would out sustain dps a lightning flash raven ss rotation.

I could understand the thoughts though.

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It depends mainly on your gear. I don't have 8 piece BT yet but now I use 5 MSP and 3 BT with purple badge ever since I got stage 10  divine bracelet.  My dps is higher than when it was with 8 MSP with magnum. I tested 8 MSP with the bracelet to be sure but my dps was lower.

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@RanMaster It's Flash>Flash>Flicker>repeat. Lightning flash hits twice on 1 press, but if you mash flicker too soon, the 2nd hit wont go off, causing you to do less damage than holding down flash. ^^;


I definitely would recommend u to practice the timing a bit if the dps seems really low.

If you're on Zulia server, I can show you what it could look like. Any other questions PM me ingame "Mukaze"

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