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  1. I guess they have to find a use for the CS resets.
  2. White orb sink, but they really should sink Sacred Orbs instead. =D And Naryu Silver.
  3. I understand this is a way to pace some players to gear up slowly, but to be honest, there's a point at when running repetitive content with low rewards become painful, just for little to no payoff. The only item material that is really in drought right now IS Moonstone crystals, because the pace at which they are obtained vs. consumed are wildly unbalanced, even purchasing 10 from f10 isn't a viable option, cause the amount require to upgrade VT gear stages are ridiculous. Maybe have a material converter or old currency converter to recycle some old materials into more useful current we
  4. RanMaster


    BD skills and spec variety need a rework. Also, more moves need less global cooldown bars for canceling. Only skills that come out smoothly are X into C.
  5. Saving Lace you can buy from the Market Place, its the Tri Gems and PTS's that don't show up.
  6. I don't mind the RNG too much, but when boxes crit, at least make the crit worth something, most of them contained almost useless stuff. I usually just went with the stash box every time to roll for more money, but gem crits or PTS crits or Oil crits are always disappointingly low... I was hoping to see a gilded gem crit, but the rates this time around is pretty damn bad...
  7. More like, tab to spin, tab to spin, tab to spin, *gets knocked down* accidently tab escapes. *gets knocked down again - chained into a stun.* Dead BD. =/
  8. So uhh, is it a bug, or how come the Title that comes with Equipping the outfit, "Nirvana" doesn't unlock after you equip it? Am I missing something?
  9. Courage is the new way to go. You get your C back quicker, and that means 10 more seconds of Electric Surge. Also, it fuses with another badge to get a combined effect for decreasing the cooldown of Flaming Scourge by 7 seconds every time your use Lightning Draw.
  10. You kiddin me? Have you been killed by a BD with Dynasty badge before?? The DPS increase is unreal... 40k+ Damage.
  11. Any real tactic against them?? Seems like BD's in Arena can't keep up with there spam mobility hooks, and IFrames.
  12. Mushin Floor 20 is easy compared to Outlaw Island... That is a head-ache, and the drops there are garbage.
  13. What's with the 2 Channel limit in Cinderlands?? Did you guys do this on purpose?? I know it resets on Wednesdays, but to be honest, Wednesdays are the most crowded days for event spinning, and yet no new channels have been created in order to compensate for the flood of players joining that area... I feel like you guys are trying to pull a fast one on us... I've definitely noticed it, and it's been crowded there for two weeks now.
  14. Actually the part that eats the most materials is transmuting to Elements or Jewels, because it consumes a crap ton of Soulstone Crystals. More so that the market place doesn't have enough of them to satisfy the consumption of it.
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