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  1. 2018 Cosmetic Design Contest

    @Elano Thank you for supporting our entry for the costume contest. I was hoping I'd make it to the finalist also, but at least the top 11 were really good designs as well. Though I found it weird that they made it top 11 instead of a well rounded number like 10 or 12 lol Anyway thank you for considering my whale costume :D
  2. Wind Fuse Badge, Whats Best in slot now?

    So I play Wind BD mainly and from my experience, Undying is probably your best soul badge from VT gear and onwards. You wont exactly see a huge difference in damage between most fuse badges until TT gear but from TT gear, you start utilizing the best out of the Scourge Z buff uptime with your Soulshield and Bracelet(Starbreaker). With those, you would have a decent rotation without a bit of a clunky downtime where you'd have to lower your overall sustain Just to keep up.
  3. Wind Blade Dancer Whirling Scourge (Z)

    Since we are on the same boat. I would like to share some of the issues I can confirm that is also broken since the skill patch. There could be more hidden ones I may not of found so please add to the list if someone finds :D *Blindside / Strafe - Suppose to be: "Max speed sunder is still available even after using different skill" // Currently: Pre-patch ver. After use of different skill, sunder is regular speed. *Sunder (rmb)/ Awaken Sunder (rmb)/ Rolling Typhoon(f) / Awaken Rolling Typhoon (f) - "Adjusted the global cooldown group of Sunder, Awakened Sunder, Rolling Typhoon, and Awakened Rolling Typhoon /// Currently: Same global cool down as pre-patch ver. (faster on kr region thats ahead of us on content) *Breeze (lmb) / Gale (lmb)/ Storm (lmb)- Hidden change not on patchnote, seems as these moves Global Cooldown has been increased for no reason. (no longer animation cancelable) Most of these are listed as changes that are suppose to be implemented in the patch notes. However had not been fixed properly. Thank you very much for checking the post and hope they do something about these problems soon.
  4. Soul Shields

  5. Soul Shields

    @RanMaster It's Flash>Flash>Flicker>repeat. Lightning flash hits twice on 1 press, but if you mash flicker too soon, the 2nd hit wont go off, causing you to do less damage than holding down flash. ^^; I definitely would recommend u to practice the timing a bit if the dps seems really low. If you're on Zulia server, I can show you what it could look like. Any other questions PM me ingame "Mukaze"
  6. Soul Shields

    Though BD's MSP soul shield 8 set was quite powerful, if you do a proper lightning flash rotation, the damage with your Raven SS should completely overwhelm the MSP ss that you had on. 1. Make sure you are not comparing dps of 3 sec burst fight to a lightning flash but overall. 2. Make sure you are doing proper animation canceling with lightning flashes. Most new players tend to cancel their own lightning flashes which is doing them more harm than good. Sometimes I see players doing a 1 flash to 1 flicker ratio which is horribly bad. 3. Do check if the raven soul shields aren't with horrifying stats that may sway your decision, though this shouldn't happen. 4. Since you probably use magnum, might i suggest you use other badge when fighting with lightning flash, something like alluvion/ primal force would benefit better for you. If you do all the above well, there should be no reason that msp soul shields rotation would out sustain dps a lightning flash raven ss rotation. I could understand the thoughts though.
  7. [Guide] Mastering Lyn Bladedancer by Think

    If you want consistent high damage I recommend going lightning. Wind bd needs to ani-cancel properly to keep maintaining high-end dps. However I do recommend you rather than "which ones better for you", to play what you want to play. (wind bd and lightning bd both play quite differently so test them out) For wind build you will need (must haves): 1. HM Z, RMB. (LMB is bonus) 2. Yellow(Eternity)/Purple (Alluvion) At least 3. Skyrift Mystic Badge With these you will start to do good damage. Til then, lightning will easily beat you in dmg. rotations and other questions ask me ingame as I dont check the forums too much: Mukaze
  8. Anything wind build is better at than lightning?

    Greetings all, *TL;DR at bottom* So I would like to share a few experiences that I have as a current endgame (6/20/17) build for both, Wind Spec and Lightning. (Full BT acc/raven/BT ss/Dragon Bracelet/Neck+belt/soul badge+Mystic badge) Now everyone straight up says that lightning is overall better but I would like to let everyone here know about what it really is like. Wind build does have a bit less in terms of overall sustain damage. Soloing Sacred Longui (MSP turtle) takes about 2min 14sec for lightning build and 2min 20sec for wind. (total avg of 10 attempts for both build) Lightning was looking to be around 170-190k /sec and wind as 145-160k/sec In the example above, I have used green badge + BT mystic badge for lightning and yellow badge + BT mystic badge for wind. (These badge set-up will let you Rolling typhoon 3x before 1x sunder/ attempt while in Whirling Scourge) Burst damage is where Wind build really shines in my honest opinion. Lightning build burst is about the same with sustain around 200k-240k for the test I've done in this example. However the Wind build was dishing out insane burst of 290k-320k, really good for short fights. With KFM blue buff and WL soulburn, the damage is unreal. Though people say lightning BD is ping reliant (which is true for most part). Wind BD is even more so in my honest opinion. You actually do need to time specific timings for dropping skills such as Rolling Typhoons, Wind flash+flicker ani-canceling, boosted sunder and Breeze ani-canceling. The recent patch definitely changed our speed for Sunders and Typhoons which made them much easier to time. If there is an instance where you need to mob groups of mobs, I definitely recommend going wind. You can simply pull all of them together (V) and annihilate them all in 1 go. Makes peach farming at Celestial Basic really fast. I've tried farming with lightning for a good 50k peaches but it just doesn't cut it. (With wind, about 250k) Currently the wind builds CD downtime is a bit long, unless you time your raven reset.. there will be a few 8 seconds of slow-paced sunder>typhoon. This can be avoided if u time your maelstorm right. The real downside to wind build is that it is VERY gear reliant compared to lightning build. For lightning, you can do pretty good damage with bare minimum gear. However for wind side, that isn't the case.. with the gear being a big enabler, without them changes your whole combo rotation thus drops the dps by quite alot. (Big boost is dps for wind are the Soul badges and Mystic badges, *Raven too but that goes for everything*) The mentioned above so far is for PvE and PvP most likely will have to rely on lightning as they get more benefits. *Small notice for those whom have not explored as much yet.* For wind, currently the AP gains from whirling scourge is slightly inaccurate and will give u less than what it specifies. However, the Whirling Scourge also seems to grant us bonus critical chance as well which lets us dps quite hard. Though I started off as a Lightning BD main, I enjoy playing Wind BD even more. Play what you really want to play and don't let any others tell you otherwise. I can assure you the damage is not bad at all! **TL;DR** -Wind BD is very viable. -Very gear dependent compared to Lightning. -Clears mobs VERY fast. -Lightning is slightly stronger in longer fights. -Bursts VERY hard. -Don't let others ruin your fun. Play a style you truly enjoy.
  9. BD skill issues

    I found out that our skill Whirling Scourge (z) doesn't give correct ap bonus as it shows. (Currently gives us 8% instead of 10%) Has any others find any bugs for our class besides the one above? If so let it be known for the NCstaffs XD :o
  10. Who voiced Japanese Jinsoyun?

    In the Japanese version of this game, it was voiced by Yuki Aoi.
  11. Soul fighter offals useless

    Though do not like to admit, the SF Chi Burst skill is a bit lack luster at it's current state, We all agree, the Chi Burst back then really needed some tweaking. Cant deny that. The current issue with the Chi Burst right now.. Is the upkeep condition that sf has to go through for the skill to even get that proc. Basically asking the user: -can you combo straight nonstop for 12 sec w/o interruption/enemy iframe/misc condition. -use up the 1 skill [Focus Chi] that buffs our damage on progress to achieve Hongmoon Chi Burst, and not when we really need it for main dps timing. -Hoping that by the time we get 3 golden dragon stacks going, need to have all party members in need of heal. So from over all standpoint I agree its a bit difficult but its not impossible, does require a bit of a look at however. Personally what really irks me to be honest is that [Focus Chi Tier 4] is practically useless in my eyes than ^ Current [Focus Chi Tier 4] grants SF: Increase movement speed 40% for 10 sec. <-nice. Increase critical damage by additional 30% when used with 3 stacks of Golden Dragon. <- ??? [Focus Chi] is a 1 minute cool down skill... So they are telling us to use this skill to get to Golden Dragon stack [2], and then must rush 12 sec right after in order to get to 3 so we don't lose our stacks. then watch our duration of the Golden Dragon stack[3] end before our [Focus Chi] goes off cool down.. -We got [Howling Blast] to lower 3sec! still not enough lol. They can at least ease up a bit more with these skills imo. The conditions are a bit harsh.. specially [Howling Blast] lol