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Gunner Aerial Ability 'Upshot' Buggy


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The ability 'Upshot' that launches enemies in the air, sometimes hits the opponent but doesn't launch them when they are clearly still under a CC ability.

Occasionally it may instead replace the 'Upshot' with a reload skipping it entirely.


Unfortunately I am unaware on how to reproduce this issue, but the way in which this ability is applied to the opponent or the mechanic in general needs either fixing or a minor re-work.


I did hear similar experiences from other gunners, also asked a professional player, 'Jaesung Lee' for his input on the bug, he did confirm the same thing occurring for him.

Found it hard to reproduce so complaints/feedback from other gunners may help us out, thanks.


Video evidence of the bug occuring, footage belongs to Jaesung Lee:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zppQSy1x7Ao&t=9m23s (9:23 - 9:30) After using Tripshot at Opener

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fog7sZAh1UM&t=4m30s (4:30 - 4:37) Uses Standoff(Block) stunning opponent, stuck in a reload loop = Reload>Reload>Upshot


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my gunner isnt able to trigger the upshot ability at all. at first my friend said it was my lag probably, so i asked him to try it on his com. and lo and behold.. he cant do it on my account too. but his gunslinger can do it. so.. What is up here??

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