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high cpu usage and fps drop


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i have fps drop and high cpu usage my fps  80~30  in and some times be 15  some times game freeze for a sec  and the loading is so slow 
my gpu amd r7 265                    win 10 64 bit 
cpu intel  pentium G3240 
Ram 8  
any fix for that :/ 

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Got the same problem for a week using a Gtx 1080, i9 7900x, m250 pro and 32gb ram ddr4, m2 960evo.
Is not a real problem of PC Specs then.. is just the client that isnt optimized.


Fixed the problem by:

- Changing the language of the client {this will sound like "WTF?" , but looks like there's a kind of conflit with the files.. }

- Updating the GPU drivers {bns suck a bit with amd.. I changed 16monthes ago cuz I was getting an insane fps drop while playing bns}

- Reinstall the game in a new directory root {clean the regkey before}


Hope something of these ways will help you too.

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The way that BnS is programmed you will get a higher than normal CPU usage, that is normal. Some thins to do are upgrade to at least 16 gigs of ram, more if you can afford it. I use W10 and have no problems on my laptop running BnS. I have an ASUS G750 which runs BnS at 60+ fps all the time.

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I also use win 10 64 bit and had fps drops and inputlag on my fury x until i did this. 


Installed DirectX 9c june 2010

Installed latest physx (probably not necessary)

Remove old gpu driver.

Install crimson 16.11.3.

Create a profile in radeon settings for client.exe and put shader cache = on. 

Turn off GAME bar and GAME DVR in windows 10.


Disable windows update, to prevent it from installing new gpu driver.


Example: First miniboss with adds in the lair of the frozen fang with latest crimson 17.10.1 vs the old 16.11.3 driver. 120 to 20 fps vs 120 to 80 fps.

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