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  1. High ping is sometimes a fact of life in gaming. You might be able to talk to your ISP to see if they can speed your connection up, but other than that nothing else will do anything. Your pin is at the mercy of the internet and the connections your signal has to go through to get from your computer to the servers.
  2. I would go with what you can afford. Get as much ram as you can seeing as that will give the biggest impact to your gameplay. A SSD will not help with gaming. All a SSD will help with is the OS loading times. Once most games are started they reside in the system memory, graphics memory, and the CPU itself. A standard Hard Drive will work quite well. Graphics cards are a heavy subject to discuss, but again go with the best that you can afford. I personally would go with an i7 cpu instead of the i5 though. A lot more performance for the money. For a Mobo go with an ASUS offering, I have always h
  3. Ok I have been on a semi vacation from BnS for about a month now and decided to come back. That is when the problems started. I knew that there was an update so I let the launcher update and then first got an error about a debugger running on my system. Got that fixed, but now Xigncode will not run. I tried several options tat others have said to do with no luck. I have uninstalled BnS and reinstalled it 2 times already with no success. I have put both the NcSoft folders into my antivirus's exception list and yet still nothing. Xigncode refuses to start, even attempting to manually start it do
  4. Ok tried it 3 times and that still will not launch the game for me. Never had this problem before what did the last few patches screw up?
  5. Thanks Kuro Ill see if this works for me.
  6. how dp yu manually start Xingcode please? I have the same problem.
  7. Seeing as BnS due to programming uses ONLY 1 core this is not the issue. Mostlikely the issue stems from her APU not playing nice with her GPU. I ahd that problem until I set it in the Nvidia control panel to use the Nvidia GPU exclusively.
  8. Thanks guys that helps out a lot. Now I don't really need to delete one of my toons.
  9. Ok this is something I have been getting some WRONG information on and I would love the correct information. How many character slots can each account have? Please if you don't know don't just give false information. I have 5 so far and with the Lyn gunner class coming I am wondering if I would need to delete one that I am not playing or if I can add one more slot. Thanks for CORRECT number guys.
  10. Ok I have asked in game but the one they recommended I cannot get at this time. So I was wondering as a temporary solution which one can I get with the orbs we get as daily challenge completion rewards. I have plenty of those and have been looking at what is available in the dragon express, BUT the ones in the dragon express have NO description until you open them and I would prefer to not get one and it be the totally wrong one. If it helps out I run a wind build with rumblebees as my main attack. Anything will be appreciated guys please.
  11. Thanks Joanna. Was unsure if it even dropped anymore. Now maybe I can get the items I need to finish upgrading my legendaries. See you in game. You know me as CajunGhost.
  12. Ok Since the removal of the Blackwyrm from Misty woods, I have been wondering if his essence is still a drop from the Talus Minions in the camp or not. If not then the merchant that trades them for Naksum badges really should be changed. Anyone know if the Essence of Blackwyrm still drops or was it removed also??
  13. No nerf needed. Gunners are supposed to be OP due to their burst attacks.
  14. More system ram would be preferable if you can afford it. The way BnS is programmed it offloads a lot of the video math to the CPU and without enough system ram to buffer it you may see some system lag.
  15. Ok I have been attempting to play all evening and keep getting massive lag or even dconned. Now it says that the server is undergoing maintenance. Something went wrong with our game??
  16. I have noticed this too. Maybe she has had a bit too much testerone in her diet.
  17. I'm with you here. I do not have the time to run instances more than once a day at most. Sometimes all I have the time for is dailies before I need to go to work. It is not easy to find time to play the game as much as I would love to and pay bills. Grimior you seem to think that everyone ahs 8 or more hours a day just to play games, well that is not true at all. Almost all of my clans members also work and we all have hard times finding time to play BnS daily. Some of my clanmates are even only weekend warriors who can only get online on the weekends. SO saying that casual players do not exis
  18. Thanks yall. Your points are well taken. My biggest problem is attempting to run the hardest instances with my clan seeing as most of them are like me and are casual players, so coordinating runs is al,=most impossible. Running hard mode might be an option if I can find some nice people that would run with me, right now all my toons have just broken the 800 ap barrier and I will say this, 90% of players want well over that for hard runs. I have asked people if they would carry me and several have been very rude towards me and flat out refused. I will keep trying for what I am needing but if th
  19. Ok I want some feedback on this guys. Please don't get off subject because this is serious to me and several others in my clan. What I want to suggest is this: putting the legendary accessories in the loot boxes that at rewards for completing instances. Now a lot of people might say this is not doable or even unfair, but as I see it people bidding 100+ gold for something that should not cost 1/4 that is unfair to casual players. Now do not put all the accessories into the range boxes, but put them in the boxes that would normally drop them. Also another thing, let the rng gods take care
  20. I wish that they would change the system so that only classes that can use certain items can bid on them if they are in the party. So far I have seen the pistols drop while I have been on my gunner 10 times + and at least 4 of those times some retard that could not even use the pistol outbid just to sell them on the server not 10 minutes later. If it was set so that ONLY classes that can use the weapons can bid that would save players a lot of grief in upgrading.
  21. Ok you will need to go into the graphics control panel tab that says Manage 3D settings, in there should be 2 tabs, one says global. I would set that one for your graphics card first then press apply. The second tab should be Program Settings. In there you will need to add BnS to the list then set it to use the dedicated graphics card. Both should say "High Performance Nvidia Processor" if you have an Nvidia card. If you have an AMD card the process should be the same. Doing this will force BnS to use your dedicated video card and not the ondie cpu gpu.
  22. The way that BnS is programmed you will get a higher than normal CPU usage, that is normal. Some thins to do are upgrade to at least 16 gigs of ram, more if you can afford it. I use W10 and have no problems on my laptop running BnS. I have an ASUS G750 which runs BnS at 60+ fps all the time.
  23. Several things that you can do: use the tools on the launcher to be sure that BnS is patched and not corrupted is the first thing you may want to do. Second is defrag your hard drive. I find that defragging after every major patch can fix some issues. A couple other things that can cause crashes is overheating of your computer, be sure that is not an issue. Some people do not realize that the new generation of CPU's have onboard video graphics. I am assuming that you have a decent dedicated video card, you need to open your graphics control panel for that card and be sure that it is used for B
  24. Thanks for the info. I have ben on vacation and did not know this. I submitted a support ticket to see if support can fix this problem. Crossing my fingers for a decent answer. But here is the big problem my clan ahd collected all the required mats except 1 Moonwater Valor Stone and that is all we need to create the pellets from the old system. Not very happy atm about this but I guess that is what happens when a clan leader goes on vacation.
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