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  1. Our base block and evasion in draw stance is 0. Am i the only one who think this should be changed for pve? The benefits of draw stance is clearly taken into consideration by the developers when they balance our dmg., but probably forgot about us when they made almost every yellow attack in end game dungeons a kd, daze or stun.
  2. high cpu usage and fps drop

    I also use win 10 64 bit and had fps drops and inputlag on my fury x until i did this. Installed DirectX 9c june 2010 Installed latest physx (probably not necessary) Remove old gpu driver. Install crimson 16.11.3. Create a profile in radeon settings for client.exe and put shader cache = on. Turn off GAME bar and GAME DVR in windows 10. Disable windows update, to prevent it from installing new gpu driver. Example: First miniboss with adds in the lair of the frozen fang with latest crimson 17.10.1 vs the old 16.11.3 driver. 120 to 20 fps vs 120 to 80 fps.
  3. Unlimited Items in Today's Specials

    I saw the store update and put 2k gold on the currency exchange and went to bed. As a casual player I think this is it for me. Wasted months of progress.
  4. daily outfits

    Colourful silks and silky hair please.