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  1. Hello, I'm here today to share with you a fix I found for this ***** problem. I got it for many weeks.. every 20/40mins only in dungeon lobby. I tried anything.. really ANYTHING! Then I realized that this problem is because the connection between me and NCsoft.. just drop! And you get disconnected! So! Here the solution: This program (it's trustable) - http://winmtr.net/download-winmtr/ allow you to "test" your connection health by sending 1 byte every second. Then, if you put the NCaddres "icmp.us.ncwest.com" for the Americans or "icmp.eu.ncwest.com" for
  2. Well.. I can just tell you the "common" procedures to fix most of the BnS errors the players are getting since the CBT. - Reinstall BnS - Update your Drivers - Switch to 32bit or 64bit - Clear the regkey - Reinstall BnS in an other folder - Reinstall windows - Burn the NCsoft HQ
  3. Try to set up the compatibility with Windows7 -Right Click on the BnS launcher icon -Property -Compatibility Tab http://prntscr.com/gnvjs1 (sorry for the screen that is in Italian but you should do the same)
  4. Ok, this will sound weird but I fixed the problem by changing the client language. Im playing with Gtx 1080, i9 7900x, m250 pro and 32gb ram ddr4, m2 960evo. So, isnt a low pc specs problem. Of course I tried to repair, reinstall the game, reinstall windows, reinstall the drivers, cleared the regkey and so on.. then I said: let me try this, wont work but why not ? And is working... Im playing in french at the moment :| My problem now is: Learning French XD, but at least i've 122/120 fixed fps Hope will help you too
  5. Got the same problem for a week using a Gtx 1080, i9 7900x, m250 pro and 32gb ram ddr4, m2 960evo. Is not a real problem of PC Specs then.. is just the client that isnt optimized. Fixed the problem by: - Changing the language of the client {this will sound like "WTF?" , but looks like there's a kind of conflit with the files.. } - Updating the GPU drivers {bns suck a bit with amd.. I changed 16monthes ago cuz I was getting an insane fps drop while playing bns} - Reinstall the game in a new directory root {clean the regkey before} Hope something of these
  6. Hey, I got the same problems and I investigated further. I understood (or at least is what I noticed) is due to a non-optimized client that overlaod your PC Specs. Honestly I've a good PC (1080, i9, 32gb ram..) and that's why I found ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing weird getting crash or FPS drops. Could you provide your PC specs? I did some test and found some "ways" to solve that., try one of these ways in order to see if something will solve to you too: - change the language of your client with an other randomly one (yes, sound like "wtf" but worked to me XD) {they will probabl
  7. That's not an Error, it's an informative that say you uninstalled the game but the directory of BnS still be in your Computer. You must choose the file path of installation with where is located and it will recover all the files by itself without downloading them again.
  8. Hello puppies, since I love everyone of you but "they" don't love us, I'm here to help you (or I hope to help you) with a triggering ***** problem. If you are trying to purchase a premium membership trhough the website but an error still redirect you to the login process (and again, and again, and again like in an infinite loop), I've found 2 "ways" to let it work: The first one is the NOSENSE ONE - Go to your Account Page and change the language with an other one (dropdown menu in the footer) - then back to the Premium Membership Page, CTRL+F5 and here w
  9. I think they just copy-paste from the KR client without taking in consideration any feed or suggestion from the EU/NA USER EXPERIENCES. If dont work in Korea why should work in EU/NA ? It's logically incorrect. This thought make me sad. Ye, I know that to add a feature you need at least the feed from the 30% of the total players.. but yeah! you know, no one is reading the forum if not only for random shit-talks. Let's bump this after6 monthes tho
  10. Hello! Since everyone is using a Skin on his weapon, I was thinking it could be awesome being able to design and craft the Weapon Skin for the Clan! What you guys think about this?
  11. Hello, I'm here to suggest 2 improvments to the ingame email system. The first it's all about to add more slot for the items, so you will able to send more than 3 items per mail. Like in this pic Personally, I've to send 8 Items everyday to 9 different chars in my account.. and that's mean i've to send 27 email. I think there're many other players with the same boring issue.....also for sending upgrading items from a char to an other one in the same clan. I wondering why only 3 items per mail.. there's not a logical reason because the Mailing Fee change
  12. For the new patch, the clan is recruiting again! Apply on our forum! Thanks and hope to see you in The Reds clan! TheDiva, 1/06/2016
  13. Hello, we are glad to inform you that the Clan has opened again the recruitment. Clan Info Rank 15 - Achieved as first in the 1th of April One of the Top Clan in the Server PvE / PvP Competitive Soft-Mid Hardcore Server: Ebon Hall a true Crimson Legion We are international ! actually our roster includes: Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Poland, Israel, Estonia, Romania, Ukraine... What the clan offer to you 5% Discount of Equipment Upgrade Cost Windwalk to the clan members Clan
  14. Yeah! Could be awesome also this.. i've many members that wanna join the clan with thir alts for pay the fees or just for speak in chat, but I cant invite em .. we are in 70 with 2/3 alts :s When you join the clan you'll join with the Account, when you change the character, you are in the same clan... easy! Well, you can choose to leave or stay in the same clan.
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