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  1. Lyn gunner gonna be gr8. Gonna go around shootin' people in their kneecaps. Probably just use a variant of my own BD's preset changed slightly or something. Also pls don't try and speak for everyone.
  2. Complaining here will do nothing. They are not in charge of Class changes or anything of the sort. The Class changes are built around Korea's content/current patches. Telling NCwest to stop boosting a class or constantly complaining about Destroyers isnt going to help anything. At all. I get where people are coming from, but we're getting these class changes way before we're getting the gear/content other regions have. Just one of those instances where you have to suck it up honestly. That or take a break for a while and come back later.
  3. Its a level 16 event dungeon, i'd say the rewards are fine for that. It aint meant to just GIVE YOU ALL THE THINGS EVER.
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