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Finally back, start over?


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Heya, been gone for a long time and want to pick up the game again.


So, I wondered if there had been any significant changes to destroyers and if the class is still not buffed up to be equal in PVE? Basically, should I just start over as something else already and if so, as what? I enjoy PVE and solo grinding the most while chatting lazily haha.

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It really depends whether you've been gone for long or not. If your current character is sitting at around 600-650 AP, then you can safely create another character and surpass this one in a matter of days.

Still, to answer your question: While I love my Destroyer (my main character), I can't help to think that they're a bit weaker than most classes without their Skybreak Spire Soul Shield (an endgame raid, which was recently nerfed to make it more accessible). For example, I'm currently almost fully geared (elemental legendary earring, every other legendary accessories) except Skybreak Spire Soul Shields, and the Blade Dancers in our clan are only slightly lagging behind in terms of DPS despite having no legendary bracelet and no legendary earring. Basically, they roughly bring the same utility than a Destroyer in dungeon content, and they do higher DPS.

Once fully geared, Destroyer's damage should be as good as any other class, but it does require a lot of group play and raid nights, which probably isn't what you're looking for. Sadly, with the same gear than I do currently own, most classes will have higher DPS given they're played properly.

Destroyers are also great in Arena and 6v6, but I don't think this is what you're looking for.

Anyway, I do not think that you should play a class because it has high dps. You should play the class and spec that appeals you the most.

Also, take into consideration that this game is farming heavy. You can do a lot of stuff in solo, but you'll have to group for dungeons which is basically the only way to get mats to increase your gear.

TL;DR : Destroyer's damage is a little bit on the low side compared to other classes, at least, until you're fully geared. Once they've got their gear from end-game raids, they're doing great.

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