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  1. Happened several times now, whenever I am in a dungeon and a shield or item drops and I am in the middle of a combo involving f and both commands of picking up and activating the skill are at the same time, my wasd and even mouse looking around get frozen until I restart. Thanks for any help~
  2. Heya, been gone for a long time and want to pick up the game again. So, I wondered if there had been any significant changes to destroyers and if the class is still not buffed up to be equal in PVE? Basically, should I just start over as something else already and if so, as what? I enjoy PVE and solo grinding the most while chatting lazily haha.
  3. That would be great, thanks. :3
  4. Indeed, but how do I do that, was my question ^^
  5. How do I forfeit a bid for the achievement?
  6. @Rinniika best use gyazo, little program which is very easy to use and you don´t even have to upload cardinal gates 15 min wait time, love me some cg
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