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Hongmoon Points Recommendations?


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have 10 points in defence the rest in ap. the way I'd do it is 

hm1: 5 pts ap

hm2: 5pts ap

hm3: 5pts def

hm4: 5pts def

hm5+ all points to attack

by the time you finish main quest you should be around hm5 

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1 hour ago, NightFer said:

20 points on def is a must have. So at HM4 you should have 20 points on def, after that everything goes on offence

Not its not

Before the HM points system i used to have 55-60k HP and i was doing just fine. Just put 10 points if you must, you can put 20 if you feel like it but it's not mandatory at all. You can do just fine without any points in def.

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Most people roll with 10def and rest ap, but those points are there to supplement what you're lacking. If you're not having any survival issues, you could get away with no def. If you're always that one guy in the corner that's dead shove it all in def and adjust it until you're not. Everyone's skill varies, everyone has bad days and... everyone has lag so take advantage of the fact you can adjust it at your convenience.

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On 8/3/2017 at 5:54 PM, Fortyniners said:

I'm a newb FM and have just hit level 50. I'm wondering where I should start putting my HM points. Any recommendations?

I was going for 20points in def for extra hp/def and it was helping a lot in dungeons..specially those dungeons that you are not used to the boss' attack pattern.


Once i got my pet aura to stage 10 purple, i stopped using any points in def as you get what you need from the pet.


I'm still using 20 points in def in instances like skybreak spire as there's a lot of poison debuffs and that extra 20-30k hp helps a lot.

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