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  1. Archer class

    Yes it comes with free character slot.
  2. does archer update give...

    All new class releases come with extra character slot voucher. For lvl60 that prob wont come for now.
  3. So Community-Managers and Forum-Moderators,

    You guys clearly forgot the fact that there is a system in the game that can make you from zero to hero in a few thousand $ spend in the game. You think 100ap and some other random stats are good enough at max gear or semi-max gear? Not really. Unity ranks are just stupid way to put stats up and they dont give much of an advantage for some builds. You also forgot the fact that in the last trove there were chests with purple unity stones too and they were pretty common. In the last daily/weekly event (with the release of the fishing) you could also get purple stones. You need TONS of exp in higher ranks of Unity and those 10 chests you can buy per day arent really that relevant when they give what? 500k xp? when you need 4-5mil per rank? Thats what? 10 days of buying those? Thats absurd and stupid.
  4. I'm a little confused...

    Reaching lvl35 is like 3-4 hours of play time. It's not a big deal to just lvlup and buy whatever you want from the market. Reaching 60/13 and completing the story is like 30 hours of hard play and after that you can enjoy the game as much as you like and play it the way you like. Unlocking all the features the game have is a bliss.
  5. Wait... so you are telling me for the time this feature was available you couldnt figure out which build you want to play? The sole reason this feature was made was because of the 3rd specs they released so everyone who wished to switch to the new build to do so. It was temporary "event" like they did back in KR. They shouldve removed it long ago after the 3rd spec release event was over. Oh well, their mistake.
  6. Weekly challenge bug - be blessed

    What does premium have to do with weekly challenge and what is this bug you are talking about. I can do the weeklies just fine, last week and this week also. What are you talking about? If you are a F2P player like you say you are, you have enough gold to buy 3m premium from someone (yes, there are people selling it for gold), so why should NC give you free premium? They are not obligated to do so, they never said they will give free premium in fixed intervals of time? Why would you even rely on them giving free premium?!?
  7. FM class impossible to macro or simple mode

    No more braindead macroing FMs in the servers :D
  8. Why is there to this day no class change ticket ?

    NC gave 2 free lvl60 tickets in the 2 year time frame. I dont know where you used them, but one of them I used exactly on an awakened WL and I can say I like the new way its made. The pre-awakened WL was just braindead op and needed a hard nerf. Its been like this for years and noone batted an eye and say "its too op, it needs a nerf". Now for sure BM needed a buff cause it was THE worst pvp 1v1 class pre-awakened, but now.... it needs a nerf :D. About the class change ticket, they said multiple times there will NOT be such a ticket. You say its cause of the money? Just imagine how many people will buy it and how much money it will give NC. Prob too much to count :D
  9. Unity

    Just switch to spirit BM and you wont care about dps anymore :D Can easily put 10mil dps without much gear :D What is 200k compared to 10mil? Not much I guess. About the Unity system, they said even in KR its a long-term system that provides bonuses. Eventually (since you play 20h a day) you will catch up to the people who troved their way to legendary (yes, I saw someone with all legendary unity). Its not p2w game or anything, its pay-to-progress-faster way. I highly doubt its 200k from purple to legendary, more like 50-80k on that rank already. Give some solid proof of the 200k dps increase for the same class, gear and unity difference and we will believe you.
  10. Thats your countries problem, lad. In my town alone I have 15-20 ISPs I can choose from. And they say USA is the country of unlimited possibilities :D Jokes on you :D. Anyways, like @MassiveEgo said, for EU, Telia is the devil which operates in 2/3 of the whole continent and we know they are complete garbage (proven many times to ruin our BnS experience throughout the years). There is no other T1 provider for now and we have to suffer till there is someone better.
  11. MS problems are connected to your ISP routing and the servers ISP routing. If your ISP routing is bad, no matter what PC you have or what server there is, your ping will be high. How to change that? Use VPN to get better server routing. And about the fps problems its a known issue for ages and its not that easy to fix. If it was, it wouldve been fixed by now. Veteran players know this very well or IT people. Guess you @Saekko are neither of them. Dont bother poking the forum admins/mods, none of them is going to answer you :D
  12. I dont know who told you this, but that doesnt work for Blade and Soul, since there is little the server is doing in its case. For MMOs its like 70/30 in terms of coding and decoding (PC/Server). FPS drops are caused by PC specs, bad communication between your parts or any kind of other things (software and hardware) on your end. Almost all the games assets are on your PC, so the server have absolutely no connection to this.
  13. Since the last major patch from 2 weeks ago there was (and maybe still is) a memory leak affecting the crowded areas like mushins tower where a lot of characters gather. You dont need to be a genious to see it happening. Its not the first time this happens and it takes time to fix since they need to figure out why its happening. Give them time, until then, dont stay long in those areas. To the people who say its a bad server issue: its not! we run on the same server (with later on them being modified for better performance) as we had back in the release days with millions of people playing. Never trust an engineer who knows nothing about software :D even if he works for NASA. Back in the old days the servers were way more crowded. Current FPS issues are caused by (I will not put my head under this one, its only speculations) UE4 textures running on UE3 environment, its been like this since they made that change a few years ago. The engine doesnt care what kind of RIG you have, it runs on a single core with little to no rendering from the GPU side. If your CPU have integrated GPU, good for you, it will run smoother, if not, you are screwed. Thats how UE3 works. UE4 on the other side moves everything out of the CPU loading heavily your GPU. Will it be better? Maybe. Will it be worse? Highly doubt it. MS lag is entirely on your ISP routing to the server location (Frankfurt for EU and idk where in Texas the US server was :D ). I live 2000+ km (sorry, no american measures here) away from the EU server and I have 80-130 ingame ping. How to fix that? Move closer to the server or use VPN for better routing. And just to add up for the people that are going to ask me or blame me for whiteknighting, I have 15-20fps in raids, 40-60fps in dungeons with no crashes (other than afking in the memory leaking areas since my RAM overloads and the game crashes on its own), other than the normal fps drops in raids and such. Running on i5 7400, GTX1050TI with 16GB of DDR4 2400MHz and the game itself on an Intel SSD. Game running on 2 or 3 graphics settings with ingame limiting the FPS to 60 (you dont really need more, yes I can run 120 but whats the point anyways since it drops to 20 in raids whatever you do). Some other options ingame can make your game render less which means less fps drops, but find that out by yourselves.
  14. BG was never a PvP, its a 1-shot fest. And gunners in arena are just a free win. GS since its release was the worst pvp class ingame. And dont think Archer will replace it, since it will be the hardest class to play that relies on positioning and that thing doesnt exist in the community :D
  15. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    But you didnt whine about the f2p even before where you could basically gear up 11 alts with legendary souls for basically an hour of play every day right? :D Other than the wings which are clearly only cosmetics, you as a f2p player can get the so needed veils to upgrade soul or get legendary jewels which are even more expensive than oils. This event is as p2w as the rest of them :D