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  1. Yes please. The set itself is amazing, but the stiffness of the wings makes it quite sad to look at. They should have the same animation as the Grand Celestial Emperor wings.
  2. I can give a brief feedback on a recently upgraded PC spec. My old rig: i5 7400 3ghz (3.6 turbo boosted) 4core/4threads GTX1050ti 4GB 16GB DDR4 2400 (HyperX) Game was running on 60fps idle in mushin (fps limited to 60 and graphics on 2) optimized for combat and all that. During raids it drops to 10, but stabalizes around 20 in the long run (ctrl+f enabled ofc). Stutters yes, large fps drops, freezing and crashing never observed for 2 years since I had this config. Current rig: i7 9700k 3.6ghz (4.8GHz turbo boosted) 8core/8threads GTX1070ti
  3. Since you are a archer-main (or so you say you are) you should know that there is a party and a solo version of Fireworks. So if you have more archers in the party, you can switch to solo if you like, its not big of a deal. On the other hand, if you are running dungeons in F8, you should already know the greediness of the people. You wont see many archers ingame anyways, so it should be quite easy (most of them are alts anyways). So yeah, for A9 user, 40mil dps to pop out isnt that high considering everyone in a 6man party can pull out at least 500k dps, thats like 4mil per second.
  4. No, it doesnt work. The skin was already inside a pet aura and you can't seal it with skin inside it (same goes for weapons too). You need to remove then skin and then send it. If you haven't equipped it yet, you can send it around.
  5. As the topic says, I want this to happen. I have a few pet "skins" on one of my chars and I want to transfer them over to another, but since they are "bound" already to the first one, sending it over to the new char is impossible. Why is that even a thing? Its just a skin of a pet, nothing more. The basic stats it gives are nothing compared to an actually upgraded pet aura. Do I have to spend another ridiculous amount of gold to buy the 3 pets again? What about pets that cant be found anymore due to trove/events/special pets? Cant you just make the sealing charms work for pet skins too? I dont
  6. Ofc they have a test server, where would they make the livestreams from? :D You guys are just looking for something to complain about not knowing anything at all. We dont need another test server like the Classic version of the game. Yes, I loved the old content, but what we have now is even better. Its only a test server for the capabilities of UE4 (starting with the visuals and I can say they are more than we can ask for). Then will come the core updates and mechanics. Theres not gonna be any content updates or new classes to test out. Thats why it will not come to the west. The
  7. Exactly this. Blade and Soul classic will be a test ground for UE4, you cant possibly make such a huge game engine change and not put it into a real test before updating the live servers. Theres a lot of work behind this that you guys know nothing about. And ofc NCWest knows about those changes and either they will implement them or not depends on their will. It would be great to get the sieges as soon as maybe fall 2020 (KR wont get sieges in december, KR promotional videos hint things that will come in the next 6 months or so). I didnt see anything about the new class, more like FM
  8. I dont need your videos or any other video, Ive played the game prob longer than you to know how things work :D When FMs were just a stall buddies back in the old days cause they had 0 dmg noone batted an eye for them being weak in 6v6. Now suddenly they become top and everyone loses their minds :D. I am an arena-type of player, gear doesnt do good on me (yes I am low geared an dont have a single pvp accessory or soulshield). Why I dont want to play 6v6? Cause of the harassment from the "pvp community" the lower geared players get when they join. And by harassment I mean literally getting PMs
  9. And what do you propose for new players who doesnt have pvp ss or pvp accessories to play 6v6? Everyone can use whatever they want in 6v6, thats the point. Just wait till the gear equalized 6v6 comes to the west. Until then, just dont play it and you wont have any problems.
  10. This year and last year there were events which gave you awakened soul and pet basically for free, no need to use mastercard for bundles :D Idk if you slept them out or just didnt notice. The removal of oils needed for upgrading cosmic soul was a good idea, so you can pretty much upgrade to awakened or true cosmic just by farming dungeons (like 1 stage per few days depending on your farming habits). They didnt nerf anything except the gold gains which is not a big deal since you can get gold by other methods (why is everyone neglecting the crafting system? you can earn a lot of gold from it).
  11. The Zen Archer is an FPS killer class way worse than spirit BM at release. Give it a few weeks and it will be fixed.
  12. I double, even tripple this request. I was shocked to find out there are no ToI or arena quest challenges anymore. This is such a let down for someone who just started the game (not that I am one, just switched my mains and slowly gearing it up now). For the love of your players, please return the solo/arena dungeons back to DC.
  13. Because americans start working at 3AM every day right? :D Please... This time is picked because there is less stress on the servers and the network there. EU-based games do their maintenances around the same time aswell. Its been like this for decades, nothing new, move on!
  14. There was no maintenance yesterday lad :D
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