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  1. BG was never a PvP, its a 1-shot fest. And gunners in arena are just a free win. GS since its release was the worst pvp class ingame. And dont think Archer will replace it, since it will be the hardest class to play that relies on positioning and that thing doesnt exist in the community :D
  2. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    But you didnt whine about the f2p even before where you could basically gear up 11 alts with legendary souls for basically an hour of play every day right? :D Other than the wings which are clearly only cosmetics, you as a f2p player can get the so needed veils to upgrade soul or get legendary jewels which are even more expensive than oils. This event is as p2w as the rest of them :D
  3. Question about Martial Tome for ForceMaster

    Awakened Blazing Beam was a thing a long time ago when WL got released, but in reality the dps increase in that skill was so low (because it was ridiculously slow) that later on they removed it in one of the skill change patches and replaced it with Awakened Dragonchar instead (this happened way before the release of the specs we have now). So to answer your questions: 1) Only fire FM have this option 2) Awakaned Blazing Beam was replaced by Awakened Dragonchar and it will not be coming back at all (for various reasons). And no, you will not be able to "unlock" it. 3) Awakened Blazing Beam was just bad :D
  4. Is Divine Bracelet for Ice/Frost FM now?

    You should aim for Divinity Bracelet that drops from ST, either with cores and 10 achievement or go with the drop. Its much better than the divine one. Its not that hard to farm it. I will edit this post once I get more info on the divine bracelet when I get home.
  5. Please God.

    There's actually an npc that sells those outfits :D
  6. Level 60 can kiss my buttocks

    The only game that died in the west that is NCSoft creation is MxM and that is it couldnt get any popularity cause too many mobas already. Do tell me which are the other 3 :D Other than that, it was absolutely the same with the lvl55 patch that came a while ago. You had to lvlup your chars first to use the charms. Its nothing new, and it wont change for future lvl increases (if any). Lvling up to 60 takes 25-30mins depending on your speed. Sorry, but having 10 alts is your own choice. You spend a day lvling them up to the end just to get dailies and weeklies on them too, now complaining you cant spend another 30 mins more? I cri
  7. New Idle Animations

    Im on a completely opposite opinion. I asked them on stream if the new idle animations will be included in the patch and hot no answer and was completely surprised to see them there. They added a little diversity in your "just sitting there chatting with my clanmates" screen. The old ones were too static and nonexistent if best. Id rather have my FM constantly creating ice balls and crushing them, than just standing there like a stick (yes, my Yun looks like a stick :D)
  8. Fire FM dps rotation is horror

    Now you will have to work for your dps :D No more brainless lbrb2.
  9. Reason why your game failed in the West

    Funny statistic is that Blade and Soul is No2 in ranking of MMOs in Korea and No7 in the overall game chart. The west is just too spoiled with thousands of games that are not worth playing at all and not enough dedication from the playerbase. Thats my 2 cents here.
  10. Yes. FMs Impact works the same way as destro and BDs spin.
  11. FM doesnt need any buffs/nerfs since forever because its the most balanced class ingame currently. Both builds are equally good and the class is 2nd highest dps class after gunner (fire). On the PVP scene (arena), FMs are one of the most annoying classes and one of the top3. Sorry to tell you that, but you are just bad with the class.
  12. I'm officially done spending money with NCSOFT

    1. Its none of your business where I have my information from. But its a reliable source at least. 2. Your money in particular pays little to none of the expenses, but the combined funds of all the products NCSoft have does. So you have the same rights as everyone else across all platforms and games. 3. I just gave an example with myself who spent money, didnt get what I want (yes, I wanted the wings so badly and didnt get them), and still doubled the investment I got by the combined costs of the items I got. Call me lucky, thats how life works. 4. Do YOU really thing your QQ post helped anyone?
  13. I'm officially done spending money with NCSOFT

    I dont know about you, but I got double the investment I made from the boxes alone. So you are either extremely unlucky, or you are just here for the drama :D. Ofc those boxes are rng and nothing in there is guaranteed. % doesnt matter at all because the more the item values, the less % you get. And no, you are not the one who sponsors the game. If you spent 5k a month you may be considered sponsoring 1 person from the whole NC team, but not the game at all. Costs for maintaining a server are far greater than your miserable 5k :D
  14. Server Instability, lag, fps, ms

    I dont know from which region you are (NA or EU), but after they moved the server to the new cloud platform it fixed the ping issues that I had (its not like I had any before, but lowering my ping to under 100 was a good thing). The FPS issues are completely because of your own PC you got there. Its been talked about multiple times that the engine requires a good CPU to work with higher fps and only a good GPU wount work. Either your PC/Laptop is even worse than mine (and mine is a potato for real, yet I play with 25-35fps stable), or you just run an OS that drains most of your resources. The games engine is at its limits with the current graphics and combat, it cant be optimized any further.