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  1. i dont usually agree with what you say on forums...but this is actually a good idea; give some incentives to premium users - although if they do, this will end up very p2w and we all know the game isn't p2w at all (that was a whole lot of sarcasm there!)
  2. wind kfm simple mode

    yet using simple mode on my fm and gunner makes a huge difference in dps...cause i dont miss 1-2 seconds every time I need to press a whatever RNG skill.
  3. i believe this to be the real reason, bet it's been forever since they sold soulstones in f10...therefore they are trying to make them harder to get
  4. why is it that whenever we ask them to develop something, you guys think they are losing money? for what? for paying developers? those developers already work for the company, they are paid to develop the game, whatever the developments are. it's not like they give them an extra salary just because we want some feature they didn't think of adding. just keep asking for features, this is how things are done! if we don't say anything, they just have the false assumption that whatever they are doing is awesome.
  5. Why nerf Gunners?

    that's because those people you refer to are inexperienced players. every self respecting range player out there will know how to tank any boss. I have tanked every single boss except for RT and ST bosses...even raid bosses like the weekly raids or BT and i assure you nobody was chasing around the boss anywhere. Also, this whole thing where the gunner steals agro from somebody with the same gear or better is history now; does not happen anymore as long as the tank doesn't have baleful and gunner has raven9 or something..
  6. radiant ring gems

    Hi, Can anyone explain me something, please. With radiant ring you can craft gems, right? But on all the pouches it says "diamond gems". Can you get diamonds alone? and what is the stat on the gem you get? Thank you,
  7. radiant ring gems

    ty for this...wish this info is somewhere, you know; why do we even get the possibility to craft gems if they are just crap? and here i was happy that they lowered the resources needed to craft gems and i was going to go for it. god, again bns crappy stuff
  8. Reduce the cost for elemental necklace?

    i totally agree. i worked a lot to get my neck (took me 7x VT runs) and spent quite a lot to buy it. and now it's staying at lvl 3. i will not spend 12 pts to upgrade it to lvl 10 for the life of me. the cost is completely absurd!
  9. all we get from NC$oft is lies and deception! even them guys on the stream are starting to show their disapproval of where the game is heading to - just by looking at their reactions to the "amazing" updates and events like this that we get. it's time ncsoft lost this game and go bankrupted. Sorry for all the people working there, but you might want to figure out another way to earn a living except for lying to thousands of people aka your players!
  10. fix that stutter/freeze!

    i'm not sure if this has already been posted, but more the merrier i guess; It's just too important not to know about it! This fixed koldrak lair and the new event freeze problems, just like magic. i'm pretty sure it helps with any other aspect of the game as well
  11. i have no words...tried with 4 alts, on all at 60% and nothing yet! it can't be 20-25% to start with...adding my 60% that's 85%; it's close to impossible to fail at 85% 4 times. i mean comon!
  12. i think the chance increase is start with 0% chances to evolve most likely, then a 50% out of 0% is still 0%.. i did it 5-6 times already on 4 alts and i failed all of the tries; it will only work at 100% for sure! so be ready to farm your ass off and to farm IF and EL with 1k party is a pain indeed. specially that 70% of players who join these parties have 0 knowledge of mechs
  13. Dumplings on the daily Dash...

    hmmm, guy, the dumplings we get in daily dash are actually really good! 700crit, accuracy, piercing, 25ap! wtf man! i'm always happy when i get these. the ones we get as part of the event are really bad, maybe you are referring to those , the lucky dumplings? those barely give 150crit,accuracy,piercing; 5 times worse than the dumplings in daily dash
  14. Princess Cannonball expired

    I would like to thank whoever suggested and whoever had the power of decision on this: for people like who didnt spend their cannoballs for whatever reason, they were replaced with event currency which we could use in dragon express. I really appreciate it, i feel our voices have been heard and my faith has been restored in NcSoft!
  15. cannons in jadestone!?

    I would like to thank whoever suggested and whoever had the power of decision on this: for people like who didnt spend their cannoballs for whatever reason, they were replaced with event currency which we could use in dragon express. I really appreciate it, i feel our voices have been heard and my faith has been restored in NcSoft!
  16. cannons in jadestone!?

    where the hell are the cannons in jadestone? i have over 40 princess cannonballs to use and there's no more ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ cannons!!!!!!!!!! i have been doing the stupid event dungeon every single day and i was waiting to use all of the cannonballs together, and now you removed them? you usually keep old event currency available to use until 1 month after the event is over? why the hell is it different this time?
  17. Calling on the event designer to be fired for Blade and Soul

    i totally approve of what you pointed out here. I truly hope they hear our opinions and act accordingly!
  18. Achievement & Hongmoon Level Re-work

    i agree and support this post. make this game more alt friendly!
  19. New dungeons Rewards!

    it is the same with all dungeons starting with NS funny thing is that chests are not removed from lower dungeons...
  20. For those of you still defending NCSOFT.

    man, i really see no future for this stupid game. the ignorance and stupidity of this so called gaming company is amazing...or wait, maybe we are the dumb ones for still being here and still trying to save their game. they dont care about the game, about us. we are the ones who care and keep trying to saving it from dying by spending each day here on the forums trying to improve it as much as we can with suggestions. but they dont care...they just dont give a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  21. just more and more decisions that show how ignorant they are, really.
  22. Enrage Timer on Xanos: Thoughts and Discussion

    i totally agree with this post..all i have to say that they are taking stupidity and ignorance to a whole new level as a game publishing company. as many others have quit, i'm sure more and more will quit as well in the coming days/weeks.
  23. excess materials

    this are actually some nice suggestions; to be able to turn lunar flowers into raven feathers -->wings is damn right nice. The more you level up, the less you need items which still drop everywhere. I'm referring to naryu coins of course and the newly added lunar flowers in high lvl dungeons (why are those even there, makes no sense to any person who has a brain) At least KR has naryu gold which they can trade them for items...but us? at least they let us go up to 9999 items of each type in our inventories, hopefully in 3-4 years we will have a way to trade naryus for something important. as for peaches - at least you can still turn those into pouches to get some crafting materials! but as they have been nerfing drops to 0/day, i dont see those pouches left there for too long
  24. Awakened Ascending Soul can't sealing again ?

    yea, that's right. specially that they were giving out free souls with this event. imagine everyone sealing and selling their free souls after the event. first time ncsoft actually thinks about game economy beforehand :D
  25. Lunar Twilight Flowers: What to do with them?

    there's no there's no usable point to those lunar flowers, my friend. it's only the stupidity of our amazing game publishers. lunar flowers were not mentioned in the patch notes, neither was removing the biddable chests from dungeons - somehow one took the place of the other. so i think this is just a bug which guess what? will become the new normal because they are too stupid to do anything about it unless we give them feedback about this and keep complaining, right? in their stream they said this is how things get done, that's how the pet pack got acc bound. so let the forum threads flow - i have no idea how else to give them feedback, i'd have a few curse words on my mind to transmit to their decision makers!