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Cat problems

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Not here to complain about it much because it doesn't do *cricket* (as if NCWest can balance anything here), but I need to get some of these off my mind, especially since they're so ridiculous they become funny even.

1. Unconscious cat controlled by summoner - how does that even work? It's one thing when he uses his own sleep skill, but another when it is forced unconscious.

2. Cat controlled by unconscious summoner - again lol. I saw that plant (English too terrible to know the name) floating over the summoner, calling the cat back and putting it to sleep. Apparently summoners have nightmares sleeping without their pets.

3. Summoner SS, cat afk, but resists anyway - I know that there's like a flash of light on the cat too, but you expect me to see that while I'm getting spammed? Could've at least been made to stop the resist once it starts attacking again (usually immediately).

4. (This is kind of like the second) summoner midair, calls cat to knock you back - honestly, that plant thing needs a ban hammer, it's obviously using fly hack.

I'd also complain about ridiculous animations/damage/block-disablers/etc. but those didn't make me laugh. They made me rage.

Got anything else to add?

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If you have ever PvPed a summoner after the cat is dead, you know that it really _is_ a 2x0.5 v 1. 

They are helpless as babies without a cat.


And forcing them to summon the cat would mean they lose all openers.


Summoners are quite ok as it is, they just have a shallower learning curve that's all.

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