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Dungeons and Raids why some of us havent done it yet...


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12 hours ago, Zuzu said:

To the people saying BT will get nerfed later, it doesn't change the fact that some/most people do not want to sit and learn mechanics and wipe some times to do BT.

I wanted to respond to the above quote in another thread but felt it took things off subject so made a new thread...


For me in new content and what not it isnt about not wanting to learn the mechanics or dieing its about ending up in groups that get snarky cause i did wipe or messed up on the mechanics causing the group to wipe -shrugs- i play to have fun, i dont need to have a group of strange people causing me anxiety cause i messed up.


l havent even done Desolate tomb yet. My FM is HM 10 with legendary weapon and all true oathbreaker accessories decent gems included and with the new system my AP is just shy of 750. However i still havent gone to try it because i need a group of people willing to take me on a training run. I watch videos and what not for new content but that doesnt help me. For me I need hands on experience to learn something but a lot of people dont understand this.


So to the point of this...


Just as much as you say people do not want to bother with learning mechanics and wipe at times, other people that have the experience dont want to take the time to teach and help those of us who have not done something yet learn it. They forget that at one time they too were learning whatever it is. On both sides its a lack of patience but on the latter side its also a lack of understanding or caring. There are a lot of us who arent lazy and willing to do what it takes to learn mechanics even if we die a million times  doing it, we just need those with understanding and a willingness to put up with the slower pace cause someone is new to whatever it is. 


Yes i do understand that it all comes down to the clan as well. I am in my second clan because the last one was yeah we will take you to do this, we will teach you but never happened because it was on their time and schedule and never willing to compromise with my time and schedule because they wanted to do other stuff but at the end of the day my college stuff comes first. -shrugs- my new clan seems to be on their own page as well so if i ever plan to do this stuff it will end up being pug and those can have some of the rudest people again i dont need the stress and anxiety from random people. 


It hasnt ruined my love for this game but does get discouraging sometimes. For now i will just keep pressing forward, watching videos, playing the game and having fun and perhaps one day i will come across a group that is willing to take the time to run me through new content even if it kills them or takes longer. 

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I feel the same way as you :c

I don't need random people to insult me and call me names just coz I caused the party to wipe or f*** up CCs coz the mechs new to me :c

my last clan wasn't so caring either, only had a few people that cared and when we were running with other clanm8s trying teach me how to do stuff seemed impossible as I somehow disappear in the "shadows" while the leader or some of the more experienced and c0cky players rush us through DT EC and raid...

hell I even had ONE raid run I think, didn't get any loot coz broke af and the next few times they did raid I somehow didn't get a slot... leader told me some excuse but it wasn't good enough to me so I just left... :D 

another reason why I prefer small~medium size clans... active bunch that all active bout same time so you can run stuff and there's enough of you who can run raid and msp with enough patience to teach new members what needs b done and instead sulking and bad mouthing at you when you wipe, we all laugh and start over with no hard feelings (of course if it happens more than 3 times I'd get edgy too thou xD ) but the idea is to have high tolerance for new members :)

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lots of people doesn't run BT cus they just don't feel the need for Raven gears. Maybe for 6 vs 6 but that place is whale fest anyways.


yes, there are people who will insult others for just about anything but most of the time ppl get flamed at for being brain dead.

I been say this over and over in other posts as well.

most of the guide video shows you what should be done and what you must not do. if someone joins a normal group and says this is their first run, but you've watched guides, not many will say anything about your fail mech as long as you don't wipe the party signal handed by doing one thing that guild had warned not to do. only 6 man instance this doesn't apply is DT. but yet, most ppl do realize DT mech is hard and ppl will mess up so we do have less ppl talking bad to others.


few things that should be obvious but ppl still do to have others bad mouth them.

1) air combo

2) KB, separating mobs when someone pulled mobs together to aoe.

3) opening double cc bar with a daze and no follow up. (some class doesn't even have daze in pve spec)

4) AFK, AFK, AFK, bid on loot.

5) running by all mobs when you know low lvl is far behind you/burning people by pulling boss

6) every event instance. (mechs are so easy to figure out on your own on the first run but after weeks same ppl doing same stupid things and just getting carried every signal day)


there are many more but list will go on forever.

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