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Got email telling me to come back.

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me too, it's the 4th or 5th since i left, this time, as it's been exactly one year i stopped, i came on the forum to ask :


But it seems only people returning and someone that certainly work for NCSoft answered me actually... So i've been reading the new posts... and i doubt that there have been any positive changes in this game... including management. Lot of marketing and not much coding, problem resolving nor server investment... if BnS was a car, they would put a new porsche body every weeks, but let the old 2cv motor with a leaky cylinder head gasket... "nha, it's not a priority, people only see the body broh, a part of the user will get annoyed and may leave, but nvm, we will have sold this car for a moment and we will have a new body by this time"... It's capitalism, management only sees 3months term profit...

more and more doubtful of coming back.

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