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  1. An everyday chat in Blade & Soul

    And ... what's the point of this thread now?
  2. No starter Hongmoon weapon given

    Pls tell me then, if it worked for you, thx in advance :-)
  3. No starter Hongmoon weapon given

    Test it with the new upgradeable ivorymoon weapon.
  4. Anichancel

    @Blueberry   Hab jetzt nur folgendes gefunden:   Altes Video:        
  5. when is Chocolate Hearts event ends??

    24.2 25.2 26.2 27.2 28.2 1.3 (BEFORE Maintenance) Days.   For Germany: we have from 8 till 13 o' clock time to do the event daily.  
  6. " Additional Character Slot With the addition of a new class to the game, the maximum number of character slots available will increase by one, to a new maximum of eight. We’ll also be providing everyone with an additional character slot unlock to hold their new Warlock—for free. "
  7. who's really lucky/unlucky? please share your exp.

    This picture makes me more upset than the event itself...
  8. when is Chocolate Hearts event ends??

    Without today, 6 days left (event ends on 1.3 AFTER maintenance).
  9. So, PvE in BnS

    Have i understand you correctly: they nerfed mushin floor 8?
  10. Chocolate Hearts (Event)

    I get more outfits than crits :-/
  11. New players have only 2 slots (IF im correct). Most of the older players have 4, because they got temporary 2 for free, as the new classes (wl, sf) were introduced here.
  12. No, the new weapons are weaker than the hongmoon weapon, everytime you have to change the weapon and accessoires. After entering silverfrost fields (act 4, chapter 1), you will get a upgradeable weapon.
  14. Most annoying boss fight?

    Ping - the most annoying boss ever.
  15. Schmuck wechseln?