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  1. I normally run the game at 50-70 fps and after this update im locked at 4? I haven't changed any settings, all my drivers are up to date, I use a 980m, I cant figure out how to fix this. Is anyone else having the same issue or has found a way to fix it?
  2. xigncode3 wont let me launch BnS with pingzapper installed, but i'm so sick of having 250ms fluctuating to 600+ here and there. Is there a way to use VPN without xigncode being a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤?
  3. My fresh lv50 fm with the basic ivorymoon weapon and pinnacle accessories at 478 AP (600 with hm points) waaaayyyy outdps my sum with stage 3 baleful + 750 AP. Did I pick the wrong main? I barely know how to play fm other than spamming lb rb 2 and try to stay within my rotation on summ, what's up with FM deeps?
  4. As the title says, is it intentional or a bug? With my offence points I can get that 700+ AP requirement most if not all dungeon groups require now, but it still shows my original 600ish in F2.
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