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  1. Worth coming back ?

    nobody else to give his opinion ?
  2. Hi, guys, your lack of imagination is so sad... i can't believe what i'm reading... okay let's begin by MMORPG : Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Where is it written in this that the ONLY way to make things while longer the 2 solutions are : grindfest and insanely low random drop rates ? I'll take, one more time, everquest as an example. At ANY level you'll have 20+++ differents zones, scaling from your level -10 to get some exp and farm solo, to your level +10 to group/raid rare items. You get exp from mobs, you don't have dailies at all, you have more than 20.000 known quests available at the moment (http://everquest.allakhazam.com/qgen/)... about the zone check this : http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/zlvlchart.html Some quest will need 10 minutes to do, some others will need a months and some help from other players... average time is rarely under an hour. The crafting system is amazingly well made, and you'll NEED at a moment or another, a crafter, for items or skills (even spells need to be learned from crafted parchment). (more than 9K recipee for some crafting skills, approx 2K recipees for most of them) So you can level by farming for your craft, or farming for money, or targeting good items on raids (everquest raids are commonly 100+ players, in a single zone (not an instance), all together, and zero lag ofc), the world is living (very few instances, most of the content is dynamic), about your character, you can try to level it directly, or if you have a lot of fun in some place, you can put your exp in 'alternate advancement' so you get new skills and capacities, while at same level (more than 5000 AA actually), you can also choose to invest in a clan, a house or anything, you'll also need to work on your factions as some town won't allow some races or class to enter it if you don't improve it before... etc. dude it's a role playing game, it's not a single objective grindfest. Each class and race have different top gears, obtained with different quests at different places, and not to forget that there isn't a SINGLE top gear for each race/class choice, depending on situation or on your playstyle, the gear will be different... if you wanna play solo you'll have some gears, if you plan to go and raid you'll have some others (not to mention the ultra hard drops that only hardcore players, main tanks or main something in the raid of 100+players will have a chance to get on the boss). You have solutions for every playstyle from casual to hardcore players, from soloers to gregarious, for grinder as for crafters or questers...etc etc) The solutions are there, but if the only thing you can imagine in a MMORPG is grinding to get the best gear, until a new better gear comes, and go again... i hope your l'ife isn't like that, because if so, it's certainly depressing. (i'm not saying everquest is perfect, his engine is like 15years old lol, i'm just giving examples from a jewel of MMO's. I'm aware that when this game came out, it was the work of passionate people and good programmers, they haden't a manager telling them they need to get more money income every 3 months, but still it should be more often an example, even if the majority of the digital generation haven't seen it as they were on the MMO that took everything from everquest with a better marketing, more color and everything easier, so you won't use your brain and a child of 6years could play it, i name : WoW). just my 2 cents. Tarask. PS : if you think the main difference is diversity... don't forget one thing, what make you do everything in your life, and what should be in MMO's... the challenge, and you can challenge other things than your patience, you're not a brainless robot, we are creating robots everyday to do repetitive brainless things, you shouldn't have to act like a robot in a game.
  3. Got email telling me to come back.

    me too, it's the 4th or 5th since i left, this time, as it's been exactly one year i stopped, i came on the forum to ask : But it seems only people returning and someone that certainly work for NCSoft answered me actually... So i've been reading the new posts... and i doubt that there have been any positive changes in this game... including management. Lot of marketing and not much coding, problem resolving nor server investment... if BnS was a car, they would put a new porsche body every weeks, but let the old 2cv motor with a leaky cylinder head gasket... "nha, it's not a priority, people only see the body broh, a part of the user will get annoyed and may leave, but nvm, we will have sold this car for a moment and we will have a new body by this time"... It's capitalism, management only sees 3months term profit... Tarask more and more doubtful of coming back.
  4. Worth coming back ?

    thanks xeleon and norytia ^^ i hope you will be happy with the changes, i'm still waiting some more opinions ^^ You know, i'm playing 10 to 16hours a day actually (and for the full incoming year), and i don't wanna invest so much time in a game if i quit it in 2 or 3 weeks because the game fail to do what is announced. 1 - no, definately, NO, maybe you're less than 25years old and used to unfinished fast-cash game with bad coding, but that's not my case, i'm used to stable games, i'm playing everquest since 1999 and i only had ONE crash in that game during this whole time (i have a /played of 7 months (nearly 5000hours played) on my main character ), not to mention the thousands of console games that have zero bugs... etc. When i left, i was crashing 5 to 6 times a day, and i wasn't the only one, i was crashing at the same rate with a brand new installation of windows and game, on 2 different computers, the only one not crashing was my third computer, an old 1 core pentium 4@3Ghz with 2Gb DDR under windows XP... so it was an obvious game coding problem... About the lags, i remember blackwyrm, or soulstone plains or BSH daily event, when half people was disconnected or crashed, and lags being unbearable like 3 or 4 FPS coming from the server, with 120FPS available from your computer... Just look at my posts, before i leave the game, you'll see how much i was disappointed, and that i wasn't the only one... less than one year after launch, game dropped to half it's active player peak database... It's not because all was well. 2- about the bots, i remember, having like 4 fights over 5 against bots in PvP arena from 2AM to 6AM... or seeing like an infinite number of bots farming exile and blackram narrows, you were seeing them zoning in and out at a rate of more than 10 every seconds (ok that's sort of fun, except when you notice they were then flooding the market with some items, creating deflation of these prices and global inflation... etc), they were also farming most spots needed for crafting...etc. etc. 3 - i'm not speaking about the luck, but raw calculus, okay i've been unlucky and had to do blackram narrows nearly 30 times to get my weap... but okay, they aren't managing well the RNG, i can deal with that, no what i call grindfest is needing to do LAIR4 to get 2 to 5 frozen stingers, and need 300 of this for your weapon breakthrough, and that there was, at this time, NO FASTER WAY to get it, except buy gold and go market... You can't decently make people doing the exact same thing again, and again, and again, and again...(X75) and call that a game. Thanks again for taking on your time to answer, Tarask.
  5. Worth coming back ?

    HI all, Ok i'll do it short, i stopped playing exactly one year ago, i began playing the very first day of beta, took the founder pack and 1 year membership, when i decided to stop i was the leader of a full clan, had 3 characters level 50 HM1 to 5... And i got bored of : -Permanent bugs, crashes, zone lags (server side ofc). -BOTFEST -Grindfest (had to do 75 times the same dungeon to be able to upgrade weapon...) -i won't mention all the problems with PvP... -Every patch, things seemed to get worse. So... here is my question : These things got better ? anything have been improved ? Or are they still rushing the patches without consideration for the game playability, stability and balance ? Thanks to anybody who will take time to answer me. Tarask.
  6. To sum up : GeForce GTX970 (4G) proc i5 4690K (4X3.5Ghz unboosted, unoverclocked) DDR3 16G (12800 and low latency, dual channel) If i remove the fps cap i'm at 120 constant, on dungeons or everywhere with less than 10 people, in ssplains it can go as low as 40fps sometimes, i once had 32 on blackwyrm... (but never crashed on blackwyrm). Crashes began with the 23rd patch. Why these questions ?
  7. Cold Storage - rant

    Ooh man you can't imagine how much i deeply feel your words, i'm nostalgic now :'( At the very beginning of EQ i remember when you needed to wait the boat to move from a continent to another, up to 30 minute, then the travel itself, more than 10 minutes, and people speaking to each other during the way... People becoming legends because they were coming in Noobies zone and helped noobs, that was impressed, then speak to other of this guy... etc Or the "corpse run" !!! hahaha i remember that 2 hours corpse run, and die at the very end lol and everybody knew that this was important and difficult, you just had to say "i'm on a corpse run" and everybody would help you, freely... How i felt the first time i've seen Lord Nagafen, and Lady Vox... And how i felt the day i was able to solo Lady Vox with my Magician :') The hours kiting with my druid as the mob wont "reset" if they go 3 feet away their initial place... And the hours camping the ice giants :') Haha in the early days, when oasis was the "top zone", the famous "TRAIN TO ZONE" hahaha How i searched for long the secret undersea room with the teleporting jars !!!!! and finally i bound myself there lol (there wasn't the books to PoK yet) My first gigantic raid, to kill rallos zek... at 400 people !!! the feeling when i discovered and did Plane of Time... or Plane of Hate... dude this game made me feel like if i was a lucky archeologist accessing to the most sacred places of the world lol Where were all the dumbs we have everywhere now ? ONE people doing shit could make the raid wipe, and with 400 people we haden't any problem... now over 5 persons for a dungeon ou already have 4/5 chance to have a brainless rager or hater... Pffff and the Hell levels... I remember that i stick to level 56 like... 1 month or so, playing everyday, getting less than a blue bubble a day lol People now couldn't even understand why, and endure this... But this system made you actually discover a lot of things and even the hardcore grinder would get bored and so, would try something else, quests, zone discovery, helping others... etc doooh i'll go on next progression server now ! For those reading this but that didn't know everquest, here is a chart, just of the zones : http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/zlvlchart.html It will give you an idea how the game is HUGE... I don't know if everquest next will be good or not, but with everquest i feel like with final fantasy 7, can't do something better, just have to keep it as it was, upgrade the graphics and the graphic engine and let it go... I feel like patch since PoK books weren't a good thing to do... it haven't get more players into the game and get things too easy, and lose the social time (when you had to call and wait for a teleport, 10pp for the nice drOOd coming for ya lol ), and the random stuff that drop everywhere that made obsolete by itself most of the content under level 60 u_u'... Okay i stop lol too nostalgic now, going to play xD Tarask&Tharaskh&Taraskh in both BnS and everquest ^^
  8. Cold Storage - rant

    Yeah as a fervent everquest player (playing since 1999 and i'm still on it even if i feel like sony *cricket*ed this, and going f2p even more screwed it), i can understand what you mean... but you seem to forget something : -Everquest isn't about having dailies again and again. -Just the quest for your epic weapon 1.0 and 1.5 involve more contents than the whole content of Bugs N Spin. -As quests and zones have a wide variety you have something to do everywhere and players everywhere, so you could have fun playing with others at ALL level. (maybe i should say that at past, since everquest is dieing and less people are there) BnS is ONLY about dailies. Content is VERY poor which make grinding very annoying, and getting things more annoying to make you evolve slower is just nerves wrecking, as the real content doesn't follow. Now, below 400 ap you really feel alone, and under 500 ap you can't really farm and everything goes slow. As there is no real discovery like in EQ, as there is only 1 path possible for gear (when you have thousands in eq), as killing mobs is almost useless (when it's the main point in eq) as you won't grind serious exp or get anything useful outside purple dungeons (when in eq you have an unbelievable diversity of useful mobs/zone), ALL people are doing the same things and need the same things and have only ONE goal, they get easily mad when every alternative goals are soooo anoying or need to pay for it... Of course that's just my opinion, not an absolute truth. Tarask
  9. [Removed: Please do not post private conversations on the forums. Please see Code of Conduct.] End of the support... So i guess i can sit on my goodwill or commercial gesture from them. I lost my time making screenshots of translations errors (they haven't even noticed it). Last hope is that a mod from the forum come here and forward this... If so i can PM you the attached piece of first post if you can't access them (the dxdiag, hijackthis and screenshots...) Tarask -discouraged-
  10. Hover over glowlight's avatar and select "ignore user" you'll have the options of ignoring everything. I feel better since i've done that ^^
  11. WHEN Will Character Portraits Be Re-Enabled?

    +1 no need to change the system, add a "report innapropriate content" menu that's all And a report afk/ report misbehavior are also necessary.
  12. Already done. Ramtest ran for 8hours straight without problem, i ran the windows included one and 2 others memory testers. I did Monitor the temperatures : the MAXIMUM CPU temperature it ever had was 53°C (2hours burntest), maximum vga temperature was 61°C. I thought the DxDiag was available to see in the copypaste i've done, though here are my specs : http://www.passmark.com/baselines/V8/display.php?id=59798909541 Speedtest and Pingtest give me 30ms/14,8Mbps down/1,12Mbps up i have 35ms ping to the game servers. I'm on hard line. As i just said i thought my screenshots were available to see on the forum... That is a fun point, on freeze i'mostly near 50fps lol I don't want people to help me, i want to people to JOIN me and raise the pressure for NCSOFT to change things, the moderators on the forum have much more impact on game changes than a thousand tickets if they want to forward a problem (like the pirate stuff problems or lab soulshield for example). The support is deeply wrong because it's set up to answer to people dumbness and help random brainless plebs, if you come in the category "bugs" and show there are translations problems, animations problems, and server issues, well known by the community, that are the same for thousands of players and that, after try, stay even over windows full new installation and game full new installation, it should just be forwarded, not continue to make you waste time with another support member that haven't read your tickets and previous actions. More again as i showed the screenshots and as the problem isn't coming from my side, i should get a commercial gesture, this is basical company action. Do you want to see something funny ? the ticket keep going : So after the windows re-installation and full game re-installation (on a separate empty hard drive) (i said it on my answers to support, before of course) here it is : Seriously, the support is even more discouraging than the game bugs...
  13. have you read the discussion or just answering the title ? Oo
  14. Reason to quit ? Lag and disconnect

    disappointing u_u' https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/204539-support-is-a-joke-or-they-are-trolls/
  15. I let you see by yourself : [Removed: Please do not post private conversations on the forums. See the forum Code of Conduct] I feel like they have buttons with all pre typed text to common problems, they doesn't read you at all, hit randomly a button, after 3 try if you're still there, they've lost, so it's another support member that will try the lottery... I can't tell you how i feel at the moment as there is no "polite" word to describe it.