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  1. nobody else to give his opinion ?
  2. Hi, guys, your lack of imagination is so sad... i can't believe what i'm reading... okay let's begin by MMORPG : Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Where is it written in this that the ONLY way to make things while longer the 2 solutions are : grindfest and insanely low random drop rates ? I'll take, one more time, everquest as an example. At ANY level you'll have 20+++ differents zones, scaling from your level -10 to get some exp and farm solo, to your level +10 to group/raid rare items. You get exp from mobs, you don't have dailies at all, you have more than 20.000 kn
  3. me too, it's the 4th or 5th since i left, this time, as it's been exactly one year i stopped, i came on the forum to ask : But it seems only people returning and someone that certainly work for NCSoft answered me actually... So i've been reading the new posts... and i doubt that there have been any positive changes in this game... including management. Lot of marketing and not much coding, problem resolving nor server investment... if BnS was a car, they would put a new porsche body every weeks, but let the old 2cv motor with a leaky cylinder head gasket... "nha, it's not a p
  4. thanks xeleon and norytia ^^ i hope you will be happy with the changes, i'm still waiting some more opinions ^^ You know, i'm playing 10 to 16hours a day actually (and for the full incoming year), and i don't wanna invest so much time in a game if i quit it in 2 or 3 weeks because the game fail to do what is announced. 1 - no, definately, NO, maybe you're less than 25years old and used to unfinished fast-cash game with bad coding, but that's not my case, i'm used to stable games, i'm playing everquest since 1999 and i only had ONE crash in that game during this whole time (i have
  5. HI all, Ok i'll do it short, i stopped playing exactly one year ago, i began playing the very first day of beta, took the founder pack and 1 year membership, when i decided to stop i was the leader of a full clan, had 3 characters level 50 HM1 to 5... And i got bored of : -Permanent bugs, crashes, zone lags (server side ofc). -BOTFEST -Grindfest (had to do 75 times the same dungeon to be able to upgrade weapon...) -i won't mention all the problems with PvP... -Every patch, things seemed to get worse. So... here is my question : These things got better ? anything have
  6. Just connected to the game !!!! ^^
  7. was getting hypnotized by your hamster, by the way you forgut the song to go with it, let's hope the maintenance will be shorter than song xD
  8. They should consider hire someone fulltime to investigate the permanent bugs that are still here... And hire someone else to work on translations (how the hell a game NOT IN BETA ANYMORE, can have such fails translations, in skills description ???) lol private server with ONE people and his computer, react faster than this... Maybe the horrible truth it's that there is only ONE person to manage EU servers x'D Maybe they can put a scheduled weekly downtime of 6 hours, like mondayfrom 1 to 7AM, in order to have their usual rate of downtime ? X'D
  9. K great, they're investigating, sunday + holidays... See you tomorrow guys :p
  10. have you submited a ticket to support at least ? guys this is the first thing to do, before coming on the forum ^^ If they receive 2000 support tickets they'll react faster than if there is a single whinning thread with 2000 comments ^^
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