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  1. nobody else to give his opinion ?
  2. Hi, guys, your lack of imagination is so sad... i can't believe what i'm reading... okay let's begin by MMORPG : Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Where is it written in this that the ONLY way to make things while longer the 2 solutions are : grindfest and insanely low random drop rates ? I'll take, one more time, everquest as an example. At ANY level you'll have 20+++ differents zones, scaling from your level -10 to get some exp and farm solo, to your level +10 to group/raid rare items. You get exp from mobs, you don't have dailies at all, you have more than 20.000 kn
  3. me too, it's the 4th or 5th since i left, this time, as it's been exactly one year i stopped, i came on the forum to ask : But it seems only people returning and someone that certainly work for NCSoft answered me actually... So i've been reading the new posts... and i doubt that there have been any positive changes in this game... including management. Lot of marketing and not much coding, problem resolving nor server investment... if BnS was a car, they would put a new porsche body every weeks, but let the old 2cv motor with a leaky cylinder head gasket... "nha, it's not a p
  4. thanks xeleon and norytia ^^ i hope you will be happy with the changes, i'm still waiting some more opinions ^^ You know, i'm playing 10 to 16hours a day actually (and for the full incoming year), and i don't wanna invest so much time in a game if i quit it in 2 or 3 weeks because the game fail to do what is announced. 1 - no, definately, NO, maybe you're less than 25years old and used to unfinished fast-cash game with bad coding, but that's not my case, i'm used to stable games, i'm playing everquest since 1999 and i only had ONE crash in that game during this whole time (i have
  5. HI all, Ok i'll do it short, i stopped playing exactly one year ago, i began playing the very first day of beta, took the founder pack and 1 year membership, when i decided to stop i was the leader of a full clan, had 3 characters level 50 HM1 to 5... And i got bored of : -Permanent bugs, crashes, zone lags (server side ofc). -BOTFEST -Grindfest (had to do 75 times the same dungeon to be able to upgrade weapon...) -i won't mention all the problems with PvP... -Every patch, things seemed to get worse. So... here is my question : These things got better ? anything have
  6. To sum up : GeForce GTX970 (4G) proc i5 4690K (4X3.5Ghz unboosted, unoverclocked) DDR3 16G (12800 and low latency, dual channel) If i remove the fps cap i'm at 120 constant, on dungeons or everywhere with less than 10 people, in ssplains it can go as low as 40fps sometimes, i once had 32 on blackwyrm... (but never crashed on blackwyrm). Crashes began with the 23rd patch. Why these questions ?
  7. Ooh man you can't imagine how much i deeply feel your words, i'm nostalgic now :'( At the very beginning of EQ i remember when you needed to wait the boat to move from a continent to another, up to 30 minute, then the travel itself, more than 10 minutes, and people speaking to each other during the way... People becoming legends because they were coming in Noobies zone and helped noobs, that was impressed, then speak to other of this guy... etc Or the "corpse run" !!! hahaha i remember that 2 hours corpse run, and die at the very end lol and everybody knew that this was important and di
  8. Yeah as a fervent everquest player (playing since 1999 and i'm still on it even if i feel like sony *cricket*ed this, and going f2p even more screwed it), i can understand what you mean... but you seem to forget something : -Everquest isn't about having dailies again and again. -Just the quest for your epic weapon 1.0 and 1.5 involve more contents than the whole content of Bugs N Spin. -As quests and zones have a wide variety you have something to do everywhere and players everywhere, so you could have fun playing with others at ALL level. (maybe i should say that at past, since everques
  9. [Removed: Please do not post private conversations on the forums. Please see Code of Conduct.] End of the support... So i guess i can sit on my goodwill or commercial gesture from them. I lost my time making screenshots of translations errors (they haven't even noticed it). Last hope is that a mod from the forum come here and forward this... If so i can PM you the attached piece of first post if you can't access them (the dxdiag, hijackthis and screenshots...) Tarask -discouraged-
  10. Hover over glowlight's avatar and select "ignore user" you'll have the options of ignoring everything. I feel better since i've done that ^^
  11. +1 no need to change the system, add a "report innapropriate content" menu that's all And a report afk/ report misbehavior are also necessary.
  12. Already done. Ramtest ran for 8hours straight without problem, i ran the windows included one and 2 others memory testers. I did Monitor the temperatures : the MAXIMUM CPU temperature it ever had was 53°C (2hours burntest), maximum vga temperature was 61°C. I thought the DxDiag was available to see in the copypaste i've done, though here are my specs : http://www.passmark.com/baselines/V8/display.php?id=59798909541 Speedtest and Pingtest give me 30ms/14,8Mbps down/1,12Mbps up i have 35ms ping to the game servers. I'm on hard line. As i just said i thou
  13. have you read the discussion or just answering the title ? Oo
  14. disappointing u_u' https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/204539-support-is-a-joke-or-they-are-trolls/
  15. I let you see by yourself : [Removed: Please do not post private conversations on the forums. See the forum Code of Conduct] I feel like they have buttons with all pre typed text to common problems, they doesn't read you at all, hit randomly a button, after 3 try if you're still there, they've lost, so it's another support member that will try the lottery... I can't tell you how i feel at the moment as there is no "polite" word to describe it.
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