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  1. Multiple screen problems

    This was probably reported already but i haven seen any solution in the past months. I have 2 screens and everytime i go through a loading screen my mouse starts getting out of the game into the other screen, making me go yhrough very bad situations specially running away from somthing and tryon to turn camara only to find out you cant becouse of that. I know the game wuns in windows borderless but that's no excuse i play a lot of games that i choose to run borderless and i've never encounter this problem in any of them
  2. Talus dungeon boss bug?

    So sometimes when the final boss in talus dungeon kills you during his grab you will die no matter how many dragon blood you have but the thing is somtimes it will just pop the dragon blood, idk which one is intended to happen but should only be 1
  3. SSP Speed hackers RIGHT NOW in SSP

    true i already discontinued my premium bc of this
  4. Speed Hackers

    So what's being done about this subject? Let me tell you a lil story here. Silverfrost patch released and i main a melee class, found it to be very melee unfriendly but i kept going; i finally have the upgrades to get credit (yay) in soulstone plains, i'm getting boxes keys moonstones, shitty whatever meat an plant drops (wtf is with that). so al is happy and dandy untill the other day i get 1 shotted 61k hp -0 from nothing and i was like wtf how did i die? and then i was told its speed hackers and i started seeing it they pop they throw granade or gun you 2-3 times and pop out, and now this happens everyday in every mining channel. So the question lies here is this Game's security so shitty that let this happen?, i mean 1st all the bots, which i know get banned but they seem to just create a new wave everytime and now this, how can this pass undetected? and the worst part is that even if you get to hold the speed hacker to try and report or w/e, most of them are wearing a mask so they are unidentified.. so now i don't even bother, why waste time getting prestige if you are just going to give it for free to a hacker that goes unpunished I've already discontinued my premium membership i mean what's the point of colaborating with the game if they can't deal with such HUGE issues.