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Why they still did nothing regarding launcher download speed bug?


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When I came back to BnS, 2 patches ago (62 version) I posted that there is a loophole in download speed which increases the length of time which is needed to download patch by several times! Launcher shows that you are downloading at extremely low speed, but any software or windows resource monitor itself shows that launcher uses maximum possible speed of your internet connection. Which mean that if launcher says 4GB files are need to be downloaded, you actually download about 20GB of files. At least it is for my case.


When I downloaded game client itself, I downloaded overall about 44 GB of files, at least this is what resource monitor/net limiter showed to me, but according to NCLauncher, I downloaded just a bit more than 16GB.


Today I reinstalled windows. before doing it copied files to flash drive and after installing client on fresh pc. It started download new game files even tho the client is already updated. And it has same download speed issue.

- Launcher shows 200 kb/s speed, but resource monitor says 1.1mb/s.

- Launcher says I downloaded just 270 MB of files, but in patch folder shows 1.6 GB of files...


FIX YOUR DAMN LAUNCHER!!!!! This bullshjt started since warlock release and it is still not fixed. You can't even use your torrent files in client to download game. No seed/peer to download game files from... This is disrespectful from your position do nothing, even not even give an answer why it happens or how possibly fix it...

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