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  1. my ticket on this went unanswered an I'm still unable to play. I have 39 mb left on the patcher download an hasn't moved no matter what I try the game never finishes downloading an is extremely frustrating.
  2. Can't get game to launch

    my thoughts exactly what do they even do with the money they do get ? they cant even fix the launcher bug issues. nore have they responded to my ticket. so I cant play either.
  3. i wanna play but cant -.-

    was looking forward to coming back to the game for the new expansion. but been having trouble downloading the stage 2 patch. not for nothing NCsoft but why isn't error eo2018 launcher bug even fixed yet ? you cant say its my pc cause I stream black desert on ultra settings. its just very frustrating that you guys get paid to fix these problems an all the solutions I found don't work for me. so I'm stuck not being able to play. I put a ticket in an its gets ignored ? no reply ? really ? I usually don't even rant. I just want a decent fix to my problem.
  4. i wanna play but cant -.-

    soooooo frustrating stuck on 39 mb left like seriously why ????????? xD now it wont go passed %5
  5. i wanna play but cant -.-

    I had the game installed on my old pc. but I just recently got my new one an went to dl the game a few days ago an been stuck between %85 & %95 at stage 2. I did try going in early but just get dc after character select saying I need to finish stage 2 download lol but thanks guys ill try to do all that's been posted.
  6. Launcher low/incorrect download speed

    I keep receiving errors for the last 94 mb of the update x.x extremely frustrating. I'm just gonna go back to bdo at this point.
  7. trying to download the game and constantly receiving an error while patching to version 62. any fixs for this issue?
  8. this is working my nerve really bad. im stuck on lvl 43 because i cant even play my main character because of this. i login i choose my char i load already dead an when i press 4 to revive i ALWAYS disconnect. its pissing me off :/ anyone have any suggestions to what i should do ?
  9. Should I play this game... again?

    i still have MMOs i havent touched in 7 yrs on my pc that i havent uninstalled xD i guess some people like to manage their memory an pc resources.
  10. Crashing..

    when i login my character loads dead an when i revive i disconnect lol its really annoying. i cant even play my main character because of this.
  11. Just add a Complaints/Rants section already

    would you know if were allowed to change our forum avitars yet since they changed the default one lol & i agree there should be a section for people to voice their collective disdains lol
  12. Good bye, BnS forum!

    not gonna lie its hard to be positive about a game most people are not enjoying. i dont even play anymore but i do look in forum from time to time to see if anything changed. those of you who defend NCsoft poor management of the issues will be drowned out by all the negativity from the various issues this game has. because theres not only 1. cant ride in a car with 4 flat tires an expect everything to be sweet.
  13. FPS problems or my PC?

    its def not your pc. its the game. your cpu is way better than mine.
  14. So, that was short lived. Error 4049

    i think GG is the root of all evil with most problems in this game including the disconnecting from map to map problem
  15. the Disconnecting is Horrible!!

    dont hold your breath lol
  16. How dead is this game already?

    well as i was trying to make a point. with all the new MMos coming out during this year. NCsoft still havent fixed major problems in this. the population will begin to suffer. same thing happen to wildstar
  17. How dead is this game already?

    you mean a game where the devs actually care if its working properly ? just because its a different graphic style doesnt mean it cant be a better game. its actually a game where friends can play together without interruptions unlike this pile of failure.
  18. hacked.. bank account cleaned out!!!

    some advice in any mmo use pre-paid cards.
  19. How dead is this game already?

    gonna be even more dead when tree of savior goes into OB in 2 days lol its simple people play games with friends they can enjoy together. which this is doing horribly in that area with all the DC issues among BOT issues.
  20. Friend is quiting because of DC's, so am I

    im from newyork. i shouldnt be having these problems. its not my connection it works fine with everything else. then i stand corrected but its currently 2016 which means they have had more than enough time to implement some fix's in the code by now. even more so when it was being localized the code should of been updated. with all the delays the game was having coming states side. what im thinking is all this branch of the game is to the korean parent companies is a cash cow. to see how much money they can get from NA with using as little resources on actually running the game.
  21. Friend is quiting because of DC's, so am I

    you know it sucks when older games like age of wushu have a simple auto reconnect system when someone disconnects an they back in the game not even 3 minutes later. an BnS doesnt. thats friggin retarded why ignore advancements & solutions of previous MMOs in this area. if the team actually did their research this all would have been fixed in the first week. theres plenty of solutions multiple games have done to solve the disconnecting issues. call whoever even ask advice from other companies tech teams how to do this. its better than having your player base suffer due to incompetence on the companies part. or even hire people with actual experience in these problematic areas. i can even tell you right now what the problem is. its a delay between the player an the server when actually connecting to it while loading the scene. whoever scripted the game had the bright idea to close the game automatically if a game takes to long to load the friggin scene which means if you dont have a high end pc or something delaying the connection process your screwed. which is usually Nguard which doesnt do crap in the first place.
  22. Random disconnects

  23. Hello gameguard, Hello Disconnect again

    i havent played this in a month because my patience left a long time ago lol went back to age of wushu at least that game works properly. this the only game i run into with these issues.
  24. Hello gameguard, Hello Disconnect again

    im pretty sure the server disconnects anyone whos pc takes a bit to load the scene in the game. which techs deserve a swift kick in the face for scripting that nonsense. cause now its a widespread problem for people who do not have high end computers.
  25. Hello gameguard, Hello Disconnect again

    not sure what the problem is but i cant even get passed the server loading screen without disconnecting. usually it would take its time loading but now i cant get on at all.