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  1. my ticket on this went unanswered an I'm still unable to play. I have 39 mb left on the patcher download an hasn't moved no matter what I try the game never finishes downloading an is extremely frustrating.
  2. my thoughts exactly what do they even do with the money they do get ? they cant even fix the launcher bug issues. nore have they responded to my ticket. so I cant play either.
  3. soooooo frustrating stuck on 39 mb left like seriously why ????????? xD now it wont go passed %5
  4. I had the game installed on my old pc. but I just recently got my new one an went to dl the game a few days ago an been stuck between %85 & %95 at stage 2. I did try going in early but just get dc after character select saying I need to finish stage 2 download lol but thanks guys ill try to do all that's been posted.
  5. was looking forward to coming back to the game for the new expansion. but been having trouble downloading the stage 2 patch. not for nothing NCsoft but why isn't error eo2018 launcher bug even fixed yet ? you cant say its my pc cause I stream black desert on ultra settings. its just very frustrating that you guys get paid to fix these problems an all the solutions I found don't work for me. so I'm stuck not being able to play. I put a ticket in an its gets ignored ? no reply ? really ? I usually don't even rant. I just want a decent fix to my problem.
  6. I keep receiving errors for the last 94 mb of the update x.x extremely frustrating. I'm just gonna go back to bdo at this point.
  7. trying to download the game and constantly receiving an error while patching to version 62. any fixs for this issue?
  8. same here i think of cricket as young grasshopper. hes basically calling you a noob that has much to learn lol
  9. considering almost everyones favorite race in the show your character thread seems to be LYn which basically flat chested lol but a woman shouldnt be judged by her anatomy anyway even if it is just a game. everyone has their own preferences to what they like. so not everyone shares your views on big boobs that doesnt make them weird. that just tells everyone you need to put the vaseline down an get a real girlfriend.
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