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  1. No error message. Even in event viewer I can't find an error log. I am getting this error on Windows 7.
  2. Please try play the game with HT cores disabled. You can disable HT cores in your bios. In some game people have noticeable performance/fps boost with HT cores being disabled. The reason if I understand things correctly is that if your machine is CPU limited in this game, disabled HT cores will improve your performance. Please anyone, who have intel i5 or i7 CPU test this out and share your results. Also would be nice to know additionally what GPU you have. Result should look like: CPU name Number of cores/HT cores GPU name Performance results. UPDATE:
  3. it is very easy to kill pokey as kfm. All you need is spec your "swift strike" (ability 2) to tiger strike (stage 3 tier 3). So your 2 becomes spamable aoe ability which triggers also "Pivot kick" or "Hellfire kick" (ability 4). This makes you gain 10% hp back when you do damage and deals big amount of aoe damage which you want. This works vs Pokey too.
  4. When I came back to BnS, 2 patches ago (62 version) I posted that there is a loophole in download speed which increases the length of time which is needed to download patch by several times! Launcher shows that you are downloading at extremely low speed, but any software or windows resource monitor itself shows that launcher uses maximum possible speed of your internet connection. Which mean that if launcher says 4GB files are need to be downloaded, you actually download about 20GB of files. At least it is for my case. When I downloaded game client itself, I downloaded over
  5. Once I open BnS client and GG is being loading I am losing all access to my other disk drives, flash or even CD-ROM. The only way for me to get access again is PC restart, but once I open BnS client it happen again and again... This is seriously troublesome for me. And I am actually now scared to do anything with my pc, even logging into email/paypal ect... I am scared of my security now...
  6. first of all. 64bit client should be used only if you have good enough pc to run it. if you have potato running BnS, playing with 64bit client will make things even worse. IF you don't have at least 8gb RAM don't even try 64bit client. You will have crashes, performance drops and so on...
  7. So after hotfix I can't launch again BnS 64bit client. And this is the error my even viewer shows: Anyone know how to fix it?
  8. I fixed it by downloading Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio. (aka vc redist). https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145
  9. How NCSoft can even let this happen when having rootkit type program is actually against the law in some countries. Big example (if not mistaken) is Germany...
  10. bloodlust 64bit client stopped working during launch.... This is only with 64 bit version. Any reason why? Screenshot: http://imgur.com/F0eB60s EDIT: I fixed it by downloading Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio. (aka vc redist). https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145
  11. seems like ncsoft dont even bother to answer anything about this issue...
  12. I can't see animations in arena, client restart did not help. Is it just for me?
  13. So I am really frustrated that NCSoft is doing NOTHING regarding their launcher issues. I reported them in email few weeks ago that there is an issue with downloading game client! (there are topics about same issues even during f2p launch). The launcher shows download speed do not match resource monitor or any other tool's shown download speed. For example. Today I reinstalled windows, I had some copy of BnS client which was downloaded about a month ago. So if we count all the updates which came during this period was only about 1 GB size, but my launcher shows that 4GB files are n
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