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Forcemaster Hm skills


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Im new to the forums and was wondering if anyone could tell me if the forcemaster HM skill are worth it for PVE. I know that the LMB is good but I'm not sure about the others.

Could someone give me reasons why the others are good or should i save the duelist pack for another character.


Thanks for reading =)

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Most HM skills for FMs give small DPS increases.



HM Inferno

HM Force Blast

HM 2 (PvE)

HM4 is a DPS increase for high ping players, and very good aoe


Duelist pack is meant to get a character started in PvP - and FMs are very PvP HM skill reliant... but for PvE, most are significant but not amazing DPS increases.

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HM [LMB] -> stage 2 burning build dmg increase / stage 1 frost build damage increase (stage 2 if burning fm is in party)

HM [1] stage 1 -> block against meele attacks - in first case pvp skill

HM [1] stage 2-4 -> stage 3 burning build dmg increase / stage 4 frost build dmg increase

HM [2] stage 1, 3, 4 -> stage 1 only usefull against many mobs with alot of hp (not very usefull) / stage 3 burning build dmg increase / stage 4 disable focus problems for frost build burst phase

HM [2] stage 2 -> defensive skills and deflect skill penetration (pvp)

HM [4] -> stage 1 disable enemies defensive skills (pvp) / stage 2 gives the person you helped to regenerate chi 10s iframe shield / stage 3 is useless / stage 4 very helpfull aoe

HM [X] fire stage 1, 3 -> stage 1 big dmg increase / stage 3 useless

HM [X] fire stage 2 -> definetly critical hit against stunned/dazed enemies (pvp)


So nothing wrong for every kind of pve specc is HM [LMB]; [1] stage 2-4; [2] stage 1, 3, 4 and [4]. For burning build HM [X] stage 1, 3 is needed too. For ToI and pvp the other HM skills are interessting too.

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