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Advice for Tomb, Citadel etc


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Greetings, I recently reached 642 AP and started to try going on Tomb and Citadel, I learned the mechanics a bit but can you tell me any advanced advices on how to tank more properly, I suddently died on Citadel's last boss yesterday :/ I have the skills which get the aggro, also have the hongmoon secred block. I also dont completely get the blocking orbs on those raids. Also got a bit of problem with blocking asura's orb

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Without more context, "suddenly died vs Zakhan" is a bit hard to explain adequately


Failing the stealth mechanics will deal massive damage - this damage can be somewhat broken up and avoided / interrupted in a variety of ways to potentially survive it, but failure of the stealth mechanic will almost always result in a large quantity of damage taken, even if various other party skills are used to render it somewhat survivable.  This is not the intended way to complete those mechanics, and it requires being able to not only survive the massive influx of damage, but also being sufficiently geared to compete with the enrage timer without the help of -40% hp damage from the stealth+grab mechanics.


However some of Zakhan's abilities can also deal massive damage when he has the buff from successfully completing the stealth & grab mechanics.


Dark Void can also cause pretty big damage (?) or at least it used to be able to... I'm not entirely sure these days though.



As far as blocking orbs - the best advice I can give is let them come to you, don't try to intercept an orb, rather position yourself so that it will hit you.

In Asura if everyone stacks appropriately it's easy, if not... well yeah, try to get into position so that it comes to you instead of trying to intercept it.

In Citadel the orbs fly through the tank at some point, I think?  I don't block there so I honestly can't help much, but I know I've seen it explained in guides.


And orbs in tomb don't get blocked, just absorbed

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There's a nice thread on reddit about tanking Zakhan, here: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/5mtypj/how_the_hell_do_you_tank_zakhan_in_ec/

Here's what I personally do:



For the rest, don't attack when the sin/summoner is about to stealth the party. You can resume attacking when Zakhan raises his arm and starts throwing multiple projectiles.


About orbs:

Mirryn already said what's important when trying to block them so try to intercept.



For Tomb's last boss, during his normal rotation, I just move to the left or right right before he attacks with his hand, and then go back to the middle/in front of him. This way I can keep dpsing without having to block (it might be better to block if you're using fire build though, for more RMBs) and keep him looking at one place. I also use F to block the second attack of his spin.

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