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Blade Dancer with Fire Build?


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So I was playing around with the character creation, making presets for each race and I suddenly noticed something strange about the Blade Dancer as I was watching the introduction video to the class.

I've played the BD quite a lot, and this doesn't even seem to exist in the game. The skill in the video appears to be Sunder, which is a "wind attack", but there's actually fire being displayed. 

Is this something that the Korean version has/had and got removed from the game for the NA/EU release (like what happened with the KFM's Power Drop skill)? Or is this a possible future skill update for the Blade Dancer?


I recorded the class preview video, cropped it, and posted it on Youtube. The exact timeframe is 0:08 to 0:11.




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14 minutes ago, Zuzu said:

It used to be like this on KR a while ago but was changed out to be Wind Sunder.

No clue why they never updated the preview video though.

Strange. I would much prefer a Fire Sunder, lol.

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