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Coming back to the game.


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So i'm coming back to play this game again after like 4 or 5 months i think , used to play 8 hours a day and it started to feel like a chore so i just stopped playing it but now im just gonna take my time to catch up and play like 3-4 hours max. I would like to request tips from the players as to what should i do, what i should farm,etc.

I have these 2 characters, i know playing alts is stupid when im trying to catch up but i'll just take my time and try to enjoy the game more.


So i have a Warlock: 526 ap

 Lv50 Hm7:

Weap: true pirate

Neck: true siren

brace/ear/ring/belt: awakened oathbreaker

soul: hongmoon energy-stage 1


Then i have a Blademaster lv 50 hm1 at 404 ap still at true profane.

Ty for any help.



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Just a quick list of things to do, not a direct guide to follow.  This may apply to both characters.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure what your evolution path is next for the True Pirate weapon since there's been a chance in the path but most likely you'll need to start farming Chromatic/Tormented Weapons:


1)  Complete story quests.

2)  Farm faction dailies to get insignias (you'll need it for the cheaper path for weapon upgrades)

3)  Farm Ebondrake Hideout for Chromatic Weapon. 

4)  Farm Avalanche Den, Awakened Necropolis, Lair of the Frozen Fang for Tormented Weapon and Silverfrost Refining Stones. (you'll need it for the cheaper path for weapon upgrades)

5)  Try to join parties for Cold Storage/Heaven's Mandate for exp and easy loot.


As you get to 550AP, you'll be in the prime spot to join most of the parties and dungeons to do Daily Challenge which will help you level and get money.  Continue leveling accessories and gather soul shields.  In the end you'll want to reach:  Crit Rate > 50%+, Crit Dmg > 200%, Accuracy => 120%.


Finding a good clan will help "speed" up your catch up process as well.  There's lots of end game content you can do when  you're at 550-650 like Midnight Skypetal Plains and harder dungeons, but I'll leave that on your own for you to research on.

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Finish the main storyline (new chapter is coming Dec 7) for extra gold, use the alternate upgrade paths for weapons as someone else pointed out. With your gear, you shouldn't have any trouble with all purple dungeons below Ebondrake Citadel and Desolate Tomb and head into Midnight Skypetal Plains to start working on getting the new legendary soulshields. Also if you plan on doing Sogun's Lament, make sure your accuracy is at 120% or at the very least, make sure you get Silverfrost Dungeon Antidotes before trying it.

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