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6v6 Party Defensive skills need nerfed


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So lately Ive been quite active in getting my shields for the two 6v6 zones. Im not going to complain about a class being OP or w/e that usually gets on here. What I am going to complain about is the absurd amount of party shields that get thrown around. With the amount this game has, it makes it nearly impossible if your team isnt stacked with them. And i know alot of you have ran into these things. Other team having 2-3 BD/BM just throwing shields out like crazy or having a BM/BD/FM/Summ and not being able to do enough damage to anyone to keep them out of the fight.


So would love to see these things get put onto a timer or something in the 6v6 zones so that you cant just stack them and wreck a whole team. Partly the reason why i say this is i cant tell you how many times ive seen a BM/BD come to a point im on and just pop the shield before we even start to fight. Simply knowing that its either going to reset quickly OR there is another one that they personally have to stop damage. 


I could go into a lengthy conversation about healing as well, but ill leave that for another day. 


TLDR Plz make these shields put in a de-buff or something so you cant just use them because its off CD

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