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Music of the Three Realms


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So, admittedly being a complete newbie, this is my first-ever play-through of Blade and Soul. At level 34-ish, I've moved into the Cinderlands, but the majority of my game experience so far has been primarily Viridian Coast. While I play this game, I typically listen with the game music playing at around 60% volume. Originally, as I plunged into the game for hours at a time, I was very quickly stunned and enchanted by a musical score that sounded alarmingly to me rife with the flavors of many composers prominent in Japan, such as Hisaishi, Mitsuda, Uematsu, Naruke, Kondo, Hirasawa and others. A little investigation revealed that the composer of Blade and Soul is in fact a Japanese composer named Taro Iwashiro, and why his body of work is not much more well known to me is mystifying. The man is unarguably a master at the craft of composing and draws you into this game like no other.


Needless to say, whenever I am NOT playing Blade and Soul, I'm reflecting back upon my experiences within the game. Sometimes, this results in this musician's brain coming up with fun little melodies that bring me back to my experiences, battles, friendships and discoveries there. This track, which I call "Windwalking" in honor of a fundamental mechanic of the game Blade and Soul itself, was inspired by adventures in the Viridian Coast (beginner area) region of the game, specifically the Gloomdross Forest area.




Thanks to everybody who listens. Hope to see some of you out there in-game! (my character's name is Meifeng Kurashiki)

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