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HM Lotus/ Fighting Spirit or HM Heart Stab


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Hongmoon Lotus:

  • Lotus of Escape: On Escape Call, reduces chi recovering time of pulled party members by 6 seconds. Not sure if they have to be recovering prior to being pulled.
  • Lotus of Poison: On Poison Call, stacks 5 poison on pulled targets.
  • Lotus of Rescue: On Rescue Call, places an iframe on pulled party members for 1 hit within 3 seconds.
  • Fighting Spirit:
    • For 10 seconds, every hit of Dark Strike/Lightning Pierce and Lightning Rod adds 100% of your Attack Power as Additional Damage. Example: you hit 10k with Dark Strike and you have 500 Attack Power; every hit of Dark Strike will deal 10.5k damage.
      • Next balance patch increases the bonus from 100% to 300%.
    • For 10 seconds, every hit of Lightning Pierce reduces the cooldown of Lightning Rod by 6 seconds. This is meant to alleviate the faults of Lightning build's poor ability to stack poison.

Hongmoon Heart Stab:

  • Reduced attack delay by roughly 15-20%, meaning it animation-cancels faster and speeds it up.
  • On critical hit, refund 1 focus.
  • On hit of Stunned, Dazed, Grabbed, or Phantom Grip target, readies Dark Strike/Lightning Pierce. A target in the mentioned CC'd phases will automatically proc Dark Strike/Lightning Pierce without the need of a critical hit.
    • Next balance patch removes "Grabbed/Phantom Gripped" in favor of the new Restraint skill, which is 3x/4x stronger than our main rotation. Also makes Lightning Pierce proc on Heart Stab hit instead of critical hit, making this particular effect worthless to Lightning build.

Heart Stab > Fighting Spirit. It's a much bigger DPS increase and is always constant, whereas Fighting Spirit only adds a few thousand numbers every 90 seconds.

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