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When should you attack a BD?


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After playing against other classes a few times, you tend to figure out what their skills are and how to play against them except maybe SF because they're still relatively new.


Against BDs, it's like 80-90% of the time you attack them, they will either resist your attack or stun you. How do you deal with BDs and when should you attack them exactly?


I know about knockdowns and waiting a short while after a spin (but they spin fast). I know they auto-resist everything when their swirling swords come out. 



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First of all, BD have 2 different spins. Watch for a movement speed boost whenever they use spin to figure out which one they use. Also both spin do not protect them from KD and air launch, however the 2nd one can deflect a kd/air skill if you hit during the first 0,5s.


Maelstrom Spin: gives 400% defense (effectively halves your damage) and gives them 2 second 60% bonus movement speed on use. Also allows them to use Maelstrom every 36s, which gives them 6s 60& bonus movement speed and 2 second resist. This spin does NOT PARRY attacks!


Parry spin: No bonus movement speed or defense bonuses, but parry for first .5 seconds, which can stun you.



2nd resist: Guardian Tempest (the floating sword thing). 5 resist for 5 seconds and heals 10% hp. You can actually surprise a bd by hitting into it 5 times , then cc (works well with WL/Summ/Fm ranged spam or sins lotus fury).


3rd resist: Dual Strike, 36sCD, slashes in front of them. They resist everything during this skill and can use it up to 3 times in a row. It also helas for it's damage, however they are vulnerable for a very short time period between the slashes.


They also have Q/E resists like most melee classes.



So my advice against bd:

- Most important: Learn how to counter their "soul stab" (the sword skill while in phantom grip. This does tons of damage, however it can be easily countered with your grab counter while the sword is still in the air.

- Use knockdowns (spec for parry penetration if you can) and learn how to use your opponents backroll to your advantage (tech chase). Any class is vulnerable for a short moment after using the backroll, they are still in the animation but cannot use skills.

- save tab for their lightning draw ani cancel combo.

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Idk what your class is but here.


There are only 4 real ways to attack a BD.


1) You use a knockdown or pull to break their spin and gain an opening to CC them with daze or stun

2) You SS their soaring falcon (when they throw the sword) and they run out of chi to spin.

3) You use a gap-closing or ranged CC as they're using an approach CC on you (timing is very tight on this one, usually more about luck than reaction).

4) While they are using the soaring falcon they cannot spin.


When they iframe your only option is to dance around them with your own iframes or to run away.


If they lightning draw you out of aerial never F roll, always wait a second and use your ground counter. If they manage to re-CC you out of the knockdown with their stun then you tab escape. You MUST tech chase the BD here after you tab, to force their tab because if they F roll they will stay in draw stance and use their other stun to continue their combo from before. If you force their tab however, it takes them out of draw stance and you are pretty much safe from being comboed by them.


If you're unable to do that, the next best thing is to pay attention if they use their frontal stun or the back-side stun out of the knockdown. If they stunned you from the front out of the knockdown you have to turn around (opposite direction of BD) and guard your back. If they stunned you from the back then guard your front.


If you suspect they will darth vader grab you out of the aerial though then F roll right away. 


Lastly, know your combo. After you get BD to tab and tech chase their F roll you need to keep them in CC otherwise they'll start spinning again and you will get chip damaged to death by their aerials.



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