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  1. Returning player here. Tried looking it up and read the description but there doesn't seem to be an option by the dragon trader npc.
  2. Some people really did hoard the evolved stones but I'm thinking perhaps this person is just exaggerating the 8-9k. That does seem quite ridiculous.
  3. I think FlyingK gave a very succint and truthful answer as to why such AP requirements exist and what the state is in regards to how many, if not most players play. Most players really don't produce the DPS they're supposed to be outputting. In countless 4man dungeons among a group of players who share a close range of stats with me, on the DPS meter I see myself DPSing more than double the next person even while holding aggro and even with ranged partymates. But honestly, I think the high AP requirements also generally exist because people simply think more AP = more dama
  4. Oh ok. In PvP they are harder to play and master. Pick summoner then. Easy gold rank.
  5. Forcemaster is hard? LOL! Pew pew? There's only one other class which is easier than forcemaster and that is summoner. If you can't even play summoner, then you will have to just try your best to get better.
  6. "Summoners have a higher bracket and FMs a lower one?" Of course you're gonna dismiss this like it's nothing since it doesn't support your idea of "FMs being overpowered in every way". LOL!
  7. FMs aren't overpowered in every way. If there's anything they're potentially overpowered in, it's the damage they can dish out with awakened dragonchar with a WL in the party, otherwise they either do their roles right(high dps because they're technically elemental mages) or are difficult to play and master such as in pvp. Saying FMs are overpowered is like saying summoners are underpowered and both ideas are ridiculous. I play both FM and summoner in PvE and PvP and when it comes to CC, there is no comparison whatsoever...summoners win hands down in that department. If
  8. Thanks so much to the both of you. I'm having so much fun playing as summoner and anything to make it more fun such as dealing even more damage on rumblebees I would really love to use and play in this game.
  9. To pull off the best rumblebees DPS........ 1. Which HM skills should I unlock? 2. Which skills and which branches should I spec into? 3. What is a good rotation of the skills? Also, what is the difference between "available on hit" and "available after use"(which is the HM skill one) for rosethorns?
  10. Most sensible compensation would be to just extend the midnight madness event.
  11. I disagree. For pure damage output I'm not 100% sure but I think it's already BMs over SINs if not more or less the same. FMs over Warlocks definitely. I don't think SFs do less than KFMs or even summoners. I've seen some pretty good SFs hold their own in DPS even against FMs. I feel like a factor is that because there's already few SFs, there's even fewer SFs who maximize their DPS potential. It also doesn't help that some players choose to play SF as an FM and mostly just spam iceball and snowball. I'm not sure if what you mean by "IN ORDER TO BUFF". Does it mean who
  12. The stun duration from hitting into BD and Destro spin should be nerfed too.
  13. I completely get where you're coming from but then again, that still doesn't completely serve as an excuse in regards to what I said. Other classes have to learn certain class-specific mechs too and not mess up like BM/KFM on tanking, FM when sheathing against Yeti's freeze attacks, sins when providing taxis, sins and summoners when stealthing against Zaikhan in Ebondrake Citadel, BDs/Destros gripping to buy time for the charges to go away in Desolate tomb, etc. Yes, you're supportive skills aren't an utmost requirement or necessity but this kind of thing just naturally comes along with your c
  14. ^THIS .....although I wouldn't really jump to the assumption that they're all selfish. I think some of them just really don't know how to utilize their class to the fullest potential. In other words, they aren't aware. All they know is tab LMB RMB F then LMB RMB forever with the occasional Z. Either that or they're just feeling lazy LOL. To be perfectly honest, as a relatively high geared FM with above average to good ping who finds myself tanking bosses 80% of the time I have only ever encountered 2 summoners who played their class PERFECTLY. 2 summoners out of the 783
  15. I also find it suspicious. There's definitely something they're not mentioning but of course that is their own secret to making money. Play with market, investing, sell now buy later and upgrade for cheap, keep now sell later.... that's on them. Let me just say this............... there is absolutely no way for someone to be of maxed gear and rolling in so much gold without any investments, meaning they either grinded for the gold or items way before or they spent money on trove or whatever and sold what they didn't need when the prices were up. Nowadays it is more plausible perhap
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