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  1. with your ping and your problem you want to play 1 button class. i recommend ice wl, fire bm, ice wl, ice fm. sum can work well with macro. as bd main i can't recommend this class for you at all, it has the fastest anicancel of all classes, sin is nearly as bad and kfm is slower but a lot more different buttons. avoid these.
  2. another day lost on event farming. pls fix your bugs this time, also remove gameguard.
  3. Quick reminder that you should always buy components and build them together. You save a lot of money and in most cases your self made pc runs a lot better than any prebuild one. comparing these two: the first one has a better cpu but less ram, however both 16 and 32 gib is complete overkill for gaming purposes. also the first one offers a larger ssd and faster ram, so i would go for this. However i would build a custom pc. Take the i7 7700k with any motherboard with compatible z270 chipset. The mainoard must fit to the size of your case, i would recommend the standard
  4. There is an unreleased hm skills which applies restrain to ane enmy, even without grab. But it is not released yet and probably will never get released. Even KR doesn't have it yet. And FM can not grab any boss. Their stage 1 grab is completely useless in pve, that's why NC gave them multiple blaze and troll bomb.
  5. lul ever played KFM? their Q/E goes to the side, not behind, and their ss is slow. Quite hard to hit anything from behind as KFM. I agree on other classes, Bm, BD, Sin all have q/e behind target so it is much easier for them.Hell even FM can easily do that.
  6. I know most of you hate gg for good reason, and i wish it would be better than it is. But pls play some rounds arena right now, players hacking and cheating like crazy right now with "fixed" (=disabled) GG. I never thought i would miss GG but now i do.
  7. just bind lmb and rmb to your keyboard. not optimal but works
  8. that's an assassin bot. watch some old videos of destroyer bots, they had the same behavior. Here a vid: as you can see at 0:20, the destroyer can turn while being webbed in the air. he also turns during ice mine. It is not possible for any player to do this.
  9. Here some pros and cons about requirements: 1st XXX AP Attack Power can be cheated in some ways (unrefined galaxy weapon, event gems) but it reflects an overall gear and dungeon progression. This method is commonly used and most people start new dungeons once they meet the ap requirements. So a sub 600AP player will probably not have experience in tomb citadel or foundry. Here is the negative: AP can be cheated, and high AP does not mean high dps. Ever seen someone with true scorp weapon and infernal acc (trust me these guys exist). They have good Ap but awful dps
  10. just for clarity all evade buffs in arena: sin: 50% while in stealth 99% for 1 second after not getting stealth with their 1 dash 10% for 8 seconds after not getting stealth with their 1 dash. kfm: agility buff: 5% evade per stack. gains 1 stack on resist with q/e or ss. on 3 stacks they gain 100% evasion for 6 seconds. fm (does not apply to arena but to 6v6 and open world, since in arena base evasion and block chance are 0) divine veil stage 2 tier 4: reduces enemy accuracy. higher chance for rng block and evasion from gear.
  11. Recommended: EC: 550 DT: 550 NF: 650 what pugs demand: EC: 650 DT: 650 + 30 achievement BF: 750
  12. finish story first, you should be hm 4 then. Start gearing up, your goal should be at least 400 attack power with sufficient crit rate. Farm blue silverfrost dungeons, these silverfrost mountain dews are worth a lot, also start celaring easy 6 man purples such as lair, necro, yeti, mandate, cold storage+even dungeon. In terms of PvP (since this is the arena forum): Don't bother with serious pvp as long as you don't have HM lightning draw and HM block. You should aim for lightning draw as soon as you can afford it, and HM block once you have around 500 AP. Amny people cry about Bm b
  13. Sorry but i have to correct a few things: 1st: BD grab has only 8m range, no matter how you skill it. And "it goes straight into air combo" ? It is just a daze which can be countered more easily then FM's combo with dragonfrost during grip (actually this one leads into either tab escape or aerial). 2nd: BD Hm z even heals 15%. 3rd: If you talk about opener, how about FM 3 stun? 16m range, instant, generates 1 frost orb on hit. i would say it definetely beats BD lb/rb from air. However, Fm requires large amount of knowledge, HM skill and levels to be good at. B
  14. For FM the 300 pages is the Impact with Melee Counter. The other stages (16m Impact: just higher damage, and the 2 PvE Force Blast variants) are obtained with the Lair/Necro 4 man books. Btw you need 1450 achievement points on top of the 300 pages to purchase the book. EDIT: i logged onto my lvl 48 sin. The 300 pages book gives you the blind+daze counter.
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