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For an assassin character, what are the better controls?

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11 hours ago, SinisterShadows said:

I'm just wondering if there are certain controls that would make playing an assassin character easier.  Such as, would it be easier to move the character with the mouse or arrow keys?

Nothing really. When you learn to animation cancel, some people use the already bound "R" key instead of left clicking. It's personal preference, though. 


The only thing I have really changed is the UI. If you hit esc and change the UI to put the health/stamina bars below your character, that helps a lot in monitoring your health and focus. 

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i play assassin and have set my controls to be more like a traditional mmo, with my skills being 1-8 with the normal mouse controls and i do quite well. 

i do use a Merc stealth though so those keys are all comfortable. i found it took away some of the learning curve with what was odd bindings for me by default.


move with wasd and mouse look. i would not use arrow keys for this game. 

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