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  1. increased risk and is failing are not the same thing. actually no its not what it means, i recommend you read up on cystaldisks own website. *cricket* it i will be nice and provide a source to read up on. http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/reallocated-sectors-count-should-i-be-worried.165635/
  2. this reading does not mean the hard disk is dying or is in risk of failing, however there is increased chance of hardware failure that comes with this. if your relocated sectors count is continuously going up you have a problem, if its staying the same over the course of a few days your disk is fine. BnS is horribly coded and because of its absolutly poor use of memory tends to cause "thrashing" which can make otherwise stable drives show flaws. even on a completely healthy drive the reads and writes associated with thrashing will steal CPU time from the game and wear out your equipment at a accelerated rate. this games biggest issue is how it treats your memory and harddisk. on the hard disk front you can get a SSD, on the memory front there is not much you can do seeing there is a 4gb limit on 32bit apps.
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