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  1. yah i had over 1000 gold and i guy was doing that i caught on to his game and bid 50 gold the last second and watched him leave group. if your gonna do things to *cricket* me off and deter me from getting what i need i have no problem making your life hell in any way i can :D.
  2. the transferring gems part is at least true. i ran into a hm4 SF with 533 ap due to his 6 hongmoon gems, 2 of which were the upgrade variety (3 hongmoon gems + mats to make) he was rocking true oathbringer on everything else i believe. he just said he did not want to play his main anymore and felt like doing the whole grind again would drive him to play something else. them NCsoft staffers dont wanna lose those paying customers!. dont bother if your not dropping mad dough though, there are already tons of threads saying NCSoft gives zero shizz unless you h
  3. umm, yo congrats on getting what you pay for? your not using my isp because if you were your upload would be much higher. im comparing what i have available, im not in taking account for your provider. all my PC's are connected via wire. so is the device i use to steam netflix. but sure i bet if i was a pin in the ass i could get upgraded... oh what no im under contract that says if i dont like it i can pay 300 dollars or kiss there ass lmfao.
  4. i know its there side, im just stating that the ISP's dont exactly give you what you pay for either. internet is overpriced esp seeing it has become somewhat of a necessity to have these days. if there was more comp, then the quality of the ISP would be alot better, right now they can run garbage and not do everything they can because, well.... you dont have much of a choice do you? unless you live in canada. ive heard they have tons of ISP's to choose from.
  5. i see it alot too, i really dont mind helping out people with less gear and experience. but when they join group, dont listen at all, and have not put any effort into their character it drives me nuts. those kind of people tend to do thing with the auctions to drive players insane too. i had one guy that always bid minimum and always waited till the last second to put his bid in just to annoy players and encourage them to give up on the piece of loot. if someone did that in real life they would probably end up with a broken nose lmfao.
  6. your results pretty much say that you connection is absolutely fine until you reach NCsoft. the problem is on there side. i dont know where your at but where i am internet is a monopoly, i have 2 choices and they are both flaky as hell. with verizon you can expect blazing speeds of 25mb on a good day while your paying for a 50mb connection. cox is the same way only there introductory price is better and they dont have to install hardware to your house lol. nothing like paying a shit-ton of money for internet and having issues streaming on multip
  7. yah im also interested in revelation online, im not doing the raid the chinese server thing though. im checking out the riders of Icarus OB and even that game is pretty good, but its not an action mmo, it just kinda tries to be. i ended up using the classic control scheme because the other one feels kinda tacked on. i dont feel that riders is a reason to jump off the BnS ship. but it is interesting and runs much better too and features a loot system i like a lot more and a whole bunch of reasons to do solo world content which is another thing BnS lacks. im probably go
  8. how to run BnS 1. look at system requirements 2. build something 100 times better than that. 3. enjoy 20 fps in SSP :P
  9. the you need to do everything everyday mentality of how this game is built does work against it. there are things like SSP that i never want to to but i have to, in other games you do have choices beyond selling other items you need in order to get items you would rather not do the content for. the item system is pretty weak too. everyone uses the same items, there are no alternative builds when it comes to stats. i like the feeling of seeing a sexy rare loot drop and i win it. in this game is all garbage or items you see all the time but you need 5000 off them lol. ye
  10. when you read pingplotter results, you need to keep in mind that its pretty normal for there to be some packet loss at certain points of transit. routers intentionally drop packets when they are overloaded, there is nothing much you can do about that. as long as your not losing packets on the final connection to NCsofts server, you are fine. pingplotter shows my overall latency as 60, but in game its always 120+ leading me to believe its an issue with there info structure or that the in game display is bugged.
  11. ill have to check that out, your the 1st person to suggest that may be an issue. the only other issue i have is in nexus with the 1st boss most of my cc requires steath and getting close to him damages you therefore ending stealth. cheap mechanic i guess. or overlooked. but if you just answered what a gm couldent answer in a ticket im gonna ask that they hire you lmfao.
  12. the game uses more than one core. and is limited to using 4gb of ram max due to the fact it is a 32-bit game that is large address aware.. i have 16 gb of ram. having more than 4 with this game allows windows more breathing room while you play thats about it. your computer is only as good as its worst component. i understand that lol. i rebuilt my pc to play this game, the 1st upgrade i tryed was ram because it was by far the cheapest option
  13. its Spinal Tap on assassin. its our right click in stealth. im pretty much convinced the NA staff cant do anything about the game. its just being translated as is, no exceptions.
  14. once you learn how to its very easy to never get hit. thats the main thing, if you get hit you need to stop and kill. you will learn where you need to land, walk, and jump over mobs eventually, but yes if the group leaves you behind it can be frustrating.
  15. Ive been in Necro groups that where faster with a bunch of 430 ap folks in it than a group of 540 ap+ it was probably because those players had crit primers and were not rocking 35% crit lmfao. but serously AP is only one part of the equation. you can have 600+ and still be built improperly in every other way, or simply not play your character well. AP is such a poor way to determine how well your group will do.
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