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  1. My clan mates were quite talkative throughout the video. If harsh languages offends you, mute the video.
  2. Showing my Solo Yeti as FM. For those looking to complete this solo as an FM, you need: HM Blazing Beam (Asura Ember) - This isn't required, but gives you some wiggle room on stacking bleed (an extra 2 or so seconds) Right Tree for short fuse. Basically the trick is to stop Yeti's passive heal by stacking bleed using short fuse and dual dragons back and forth when there is ~1-2 seconds left on the bleed debuff so that you can stack it up to 5 and keep it there. Each stack of bleed reduces yeti's hp recovery by 20%, capping at 5 stacks for 100% passive heal reduction.
  3. Mulitple Blaze w/ Burn Build

    You lose damage speccing chi bomb. The cast time is too long for the turn out. You'll do about 5x or more damage by just using LMB RMB 2 instead of it. Chi bomb is decent with PvP, although I don't pick it if i really want to win. I just troll with it. You can use Frost Prison and then when there is ~6.1 to ~6.5 seconds left (depending on how far you are from your target) you begin catsing chi bomb so that they can't iframe it. You've got about 0.25 seconds or so to get the timing right so that they can't use an iFrame to resist the ability.
  4. Mulitple Blaze w/ Burn Build

    Well, I don't blame you for that, but that would be disregarding the point of this thread in the forums :) -- Actually applying the use of Multiple Blaze in burn build, haha.
  5. FM Ability damage calculator

    Sorry about that. I thought i replaced the link with the new one everywhere. The new link posted should be good now. Please either avoid clicking the link in your "Quote" response to me or edit your post and replace it with the new link. Thanks :)
  6. Mulitple Blaze w/ Burn Build

    I tried this with Fire Fury and Meteor shower in game. You're right. The bonus damage is applied on hit, per hit with multi-hit abilities. Thanks. The spreadsheet is now updated and should be accurately calculating those two rotations. So in this case, windstorm is only worth using for the few seconds of a fight where the boss is indeed grabbed/grappled, but only if you have at least 3 points into it, so you don't steal aggro from the tank. Two windstorm casts apply about 7k more damage than the LMB RMB 2 rotation and not to mention increase your crit. It is, without a doubt, stronger, however I'm still hesitant to waste skill points there where they could be better used reducing my Dual Dragons cooldown. I'd like to test this out, though.
  7. FM Ability damage calculator

    Thanks. This is partially why I posted this. I wanted to also correct any errors in the spreadsheet. I actually just tried that in game. Dragonblaze does indeed add 100 to the fire elemental buff, and with our current patch, only gives us 103.99% damage instead of the normal 100%. I've changed the 4% to 3.99% (as well as removed the +100 damage) and tested the on-hit multiple hit damaging abilities and added that as well. Thanks. The spreadsheet should be accurate now.
  8. Mulitple Blaze w/ Burn Build

    I did not forget that. The 22k damage IS doubled. That's two complete uses of windstorm (4 hits total). It's 11k for a single use of windstorm. Take a look at my calculator and compare with your own calculation if you don't believe me. Perhaps there is a better way to maximize your damage using this ability? While the condition for windstorm's bonus damage is met, perhaps something like this would be most efficient? : F - > F -> 2 -> F -> F -> 2 repeat until condition is no longer met. Can you cast windstorm immediately after a blazing beam?
  9. I created this FM ability damage calculator. You simply enter your AP and Crit Damage% and it will tell you how much each of your abilities do (At max damage, since each ability has a # - # range. So it'd be the second number). This is mostly just for fire/burn build users. If there's more you'd like to see, let me know and I can include that as well.
  10. Mulitple Blaze w/ Burn Build

    Take a look at this spreadsheet i made for calculating damage. It takes the base damage and adds it to the Multiplier x AP, and then compares a crit damage modifier. I have ~680 AP and 2.28 Crit Damage %, so it uses those. (It also calculates Flame Soul Dragonblaze buff as 4% increase in damage. You can ignore that since that's mostly for myself.) The total for doing a single LMB RMB 2 rotation totals around 26k, while 2 windstorms while the condition is met is still only 22k dps. This ability is not worth using or even wasting your points, as the condition for doubling the damage for this ability is rarely ever met, and when it is, still results in a lower damage output than the normal rotation. The argument, "But it increases crit," is valid, but it's only for 3 seconds. So I still feel by the time you finish using this ability that the two different rotations will result in about the same DPS in the end due to the increased crit rate, resulting in wasting 2-3 points in windstorm. Not to mention, if you put those 2 points in HM Blazing Beam and opt for my rotation, you'll refresh the cooldown of your Dual Dragons even quicker resulting in higher DPS output by shorting the cooldown of one of your strongest abilities. EDIT: The RMB damage calculations (with dragonblaze buff only) were incorrect in the image I previously posted. I removed this image because of this. To view the whole spreadsheet, feel free to enter your AP and crit damage % here:
  11. Mulitple Blaze w/ Burn Build

    You're right. I did my first calculation for windstorm correctly (then butchered it in the second one) and confused myself and just did all of my calculations wrong after that. I corrected it, thanks. And you're right. ONLY when that condition is met will Windstorm ever do more damage than your 2, but honestly... That condition USUALLY is not met. Keep in mind the damage from your LMB and RMB should also come into the calculation. you still end up doing more damage in the end with the normal LMB RMB 2 instead of 2 windstorms (even with the condition met).
  12. Mulitple Blaze w/ Burn Build

    If windstorm actually did 8k per hit, I would use it. That would mean it was almost as strong as my Blazing Beam, but it's not even close. Let's look at the numbers for a second. Windstorm: (3 points left tree) LMB RMB 2: (3 points in right tree RMB, 5 points middle tree LMB, 3 points Blazing Beam) So even if you can get off 2 casts of windstorm per LMB RMB 2 rotation, you're doing (I'll use the max number it hits for): 49+3.5xAP over 2 hits. Twice if we're comparing it to the time it takes for LMB RMB 2. Total: 98+7xAP Just one rotation of LMB RMB 2 on a burned target would be: LMB: 17+1.2xAP + 28+2.0xAP (flame soul trained) + 25+1.8xAP (burned enemy) RMB: 21+1.5xAP 2 - Blazing Beam: 84+6.0xAP + 56+4.0xAP (burned enemy) Add up all those numbers and you're seeing that even just a blazing beam cast is going to result in higher damage than 2 windstorm casts. Even if you're Meteor doesn't crit at all using this rotation instead (unlikely if you have 50%+ crit) , you'll likely still be doing more damage just by casting your LMB RMB 2 rotation instead of applying windstorm to *try* and ensure crits on your meteor (they're still not guaranteed).
  13. Mulitple Blaze w/ Burn Build

    The description on the YouTube video says there are other combinations you can use. That being one of them. Also, you can't rely on your ice tab for multiple blaze. They may share the same duration cooldowns, but that doesn't mean you won't have to use your tab to save yourself elsewhere. That's where speccing frost nova is nice when you don't need the stun.
  14. SS FM ?

    I don't have solid stats to back me up, but i feel like I don't hit as hard in Shattered Masts. They might actually have some def in there.
  15. Baleful VS Seraph

    This is actually negligible. Yes that's nice for a 10 second burn, but if you're maximizing your DPS, you should be using Force Blast to reapply burn anyways, or else you miss out on a solid 8k-15k (Depends on if it crits) damage in that rotation. I pretty much only use short fuse for focus recovery, since it's more efficient DPS wise to use Force Blast or inferno to apply burn.