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  1. My clan mates were quite talkative throughout the video. If harsh languages offends you, mute the video.
  2. Showing my Solo Yeti as FM. For those looking to complete this solo as an FM, you need: HM Blazing Beam (Asura Ember) - This isn't required, but gives you some wiggle room on stacking bleed (an extra 2 or so seconds) Right Tree for short fuse. Basically the trick is to stop Yeti's passive heal by stacking bleed using short fuse and dual dragons back and forth when there is ~1-2 seconds left on the bleed debuff so that you can stack it up to 5 and keep it there. Each stack of bleed reduces yeti's hp recovery by 20%, capping at 5 stacks for 100% passive heal redu
  3. Thank you! :) We take pride that we don't have an iteration of the guerrilla outfit, haha. That one is used so much to the point that I don't like it as much anymore.
  4. My lyn in our clan uniform :) I actually only modified one of the presets only a bit for her.
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