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Before you suggest it, Yes I am in a clan, yes I can run with them.


So I'm looking for 3 people to consistently farm with (Nexus, Asura, Yeti) Not any run 2 runs and be done. 


50 HM8 Summoner


120% acc

212% crit dmg

58.37% crit


Theres gotta be a few people out there that want to farm on a daily basis, let's get that repetitive grind on. If you are on Central time, even better.

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Sounds good but I find unlikely that stats will be up to par depending on the composition of the rest of the party, assuming it's 4-man since you mentioned 3 people. A couple of points away from the 500 AP mark at the moment. I should be good enough for 6-man, though. In any case, I can only do the 'consistently' part on weekends at best if that's any problem. Anyway, my server is Master Hong.

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