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  1. Or maybe a month because you need another 30days to have another transfer. I have the same problem too, and all i got was : we are working on it and there is no estimate time would take to fix it.
  2. This video was done before the last skill change, This was the bees rotation when rosethorn was on hit rather than now where it is on use. I should really do a follow up to this video.
  3. 1. do yourself a favor and go full wind. 2. Are those your base stats and not a SS of legendary proc? 3. Your rotation must be off, with your gear level and stats in the screen your RMB should be doing close to 1mil dmg (What boss fight was this?)
  4. Thanks for the reply, I ended up figuring the timing :)
  5. Great, thank you very much! I'l give it a shot. One more thing, during party stealth phase, correct me if I am wrong, Press 4 when arm reaches the top, than .5 seconds later, we need to F? I realize no one prollie times this stuff, But it helps me :)
  6. So I was running citadel today and come to the last boss. The party comp was as follows: Summoner Summoner Warlock Warlock Sin BM As you can see we only had 1 tab daze. We were able to finish using WL sanctum, but it made me think of this video As you can see the summoner uses HM Bomb to double KD the boss, It appears as they use True Friend right before to resist the pull in. Now I have tried this and Idk if I am doing something wrong or not. I am not able to use my bomb after placing due to cat/me pulli
  7. Lol read the rest of that post, it's mentioned. And I am using left tree briar.
  8. Sorta, Use the left tree of rosethorn that makes bees instant cast. (If you try this without moving, you have to attack really slow) If you are moving, its just spam :) For t3 I start fight with 3,2,1 Than I throw up doom and bloom / briar Than spam left click, right click while moving Keep, 3,2 ,1 up and you are good. This video is an example, if you want to keep more focus, space doom and briar around 5 secs apart.
  9. Yea if you notice their rose changes from "on hit" to "on use" You can still spam at a decent rate. I am re uploading my video as we speak due to lag making the results seem off.
  10. http://imgur.com/a/a2ULl T3 bees in 6v6.
  11. Do yourself a favor and use T3, You have to move for it to be spammed.
  12. Moha, Yes :) I was using T3 in 6v6 and its amazing. All you have to do is move for the lmb/rmb t3 bees to be spammed :) Give it a shot. (Take in mind, you speed will very one ping)
  13. I like bees, but I will not settle for the lower dps spec haha. I changed to nettles left tree, and gained 2k more dps a second compared to my first runs. Never focus starved, never have to pay attention, just spam :P (sunflower)
  14. -Petal storm toss was used on both builds -Doom and bloom on both builds -s1, t5 bees -Briar path s3, t3 Used on both
  15. 4man drops are decent in Mast. lol Plenty of stingers and boxes, thought offal and skin is quite rare so far.
  16. Would be down for this, but splitting loot in cross server is meh..since you cannot trade.
  17. Before you suggest it, Yes I am in a clan, yes I can run with them. So I'm looking for 3 people to consistently farm with (Nexus, Asura, Yeti) Not any run 2 runs and be done. NA-Mushin 50 HM8 Summoner 601AP 120% acc 212% crit dmg 58.37% crit Theres gotta be a few people out there that want to farm on a daily basis, let's get that repetitive grind on. If you are on Central time, even better.
  18. Double Daze = knockdown C 2 = spec to daze Tab to keep down longer
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