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Soul Shackle Reset Bug


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Nope bugs still here:(

It even resets bomani in mushin 3f...got fed up after 3 resets i just stood in front of him taking the hits and eventually barely killing him.

Lots o Silverfrost normal mobs as well, if they move like 2 meters from their spawnpoint they reset, remembering the worst at the large birds when you first get to the snowy area. They reset every time i used it, had to wait each time to summon my pet so it could hold em in place or run around like a headless chicken trying to kill em. The beast mobs a bit further same deal.


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It was bad too at Jiwan area when young Jisoyun got betrayed and you have to fight the guy from the grave in that small round area   took me 5 resets, one of which he knocked me back to outer ring and reset himself O.O.

Here too I had to stand in his face to take the hits and barely got him.

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